Sunday, June 27, 2010

What's Best in Media: A Media Local's point of view

A lot of people ask me where's the best "this" or where's the best "that" when it comes to food in Media.  Okay, here's my run-down in no particular order.  You asked, I'll tell.  If you have something you'd like to add, feel free.

  • Best Burger: Picasso's, no one's even close on that one.
  • Sushi: Margret Quo's, check out "chef" he's the best.  Azie a close second.
  • Wings: Sligo
  • Cheesesteak:  This may come as a surprise, but it's the Plumstead Inn.
  • Ice Cream: O'Malley's
  • Beer: Sligo's for Guinness, Quotations for selection, Plumstead for $2 buck Chucks
  • Wine and ambiance: Picasso/La Belle Epoque, Azie
  • Mexican: Koffee Korner (serve Mexican menu Wed. Thurs, Fri. evenings.)
  • Breakfast: You'll see me most often at Koffee Korner, but I like Courthouse Diner, Mrs. Marty and Fast and Fancy
  • Hoagie: Planet Hoagie (Rocco w/ sweet peppers)
  • Chicken Cheesesteak: On a Roll
  • Entertaining a group: Azie or Townhouse
  • Coffee: 7 Stones Cafe
  • Live Music: Coffee Club (Friday's and Saturday's)
  • Karaoke: I hear John's Grille or Joclyn's
  • Sports Bar: Plumstead, Quotations, Joclyn's and Sligo's upstairs. (When it's open, Sligo's has a 10ft. HD screen)
  • Salad: Lotus and Salad Stop
  • Night Life: Stephen's
  • Cigars: Rose's
  • Pizza: Apollo's
  • Brew Pub: Iron Hill
  • Best Place to get away from it all: Locust Crest (I know it's not in Media, but it's worth mentioning)
  • Brunch: Azie and Generations
For hours of operation and locations to these places and more, swing by for a full comprehensive list.


  1. TED No! Apollo? Are you kidding me. I would rather eat cardboard...wait, there pizza is cardboard! I would rather eat maggots!! LOL ...and not to say I really care for Pinochios or Lil' Anthony's but, I will eat those pizzas...Apollo's NEVER! We have two new pizza places coming! I ASSUME EVENTUALLY! You have mentioned Ariano's (3 years and waiting) What is the name of the new pizza place about to open next to Sligo which used to be the Toy Store?