Friday, October 8, 2010

Media PA: Pizza, Pizza Everywhere and pratically around the clock.

On State St.
Open on the wknd til 2:30am
You can't help but notice the pizza places going up in Media.  I missed the opportunity last Saturday to try out the Ariano's selection.  They had a private tasting, and of all people, I missed it.  Anyway, they are rumored to open in two weeks.  Take that for what it's worth, I've been wrong about that before.  Eitherway, it's probably a good thing they open soon, as I stopped by Media Pizza & Grille last night and they're off an running.  

Very nice people there behind the counter who were very proud of the many selections of pizza they had, and at what I would consider, a very reasonable price.  $7.95 for a rock shrimp small pizza is well worth the price.

They are in a prime spot with hours going into the early weekend mornings.  2:30AM!  I'm not up at that time, but with bars on both sides and many more on State St., it should attract a lot of people.

Let the Pizza Wars begin.  People say Apollo is the reigning champ and currently has the title of "best pizza in Media," but time will surely tell.  The pizza I had at Media Pizza and Grill was excellent and different than what one would get from a Apollo, Little Anthony's or Pinocchio's.

Speaking of Apollo Pizza, they now have online ordering, which for big orders is quite cool.


  1. i go there all the time, they have great food.

  2. media pizza and grill is wonderful. they have the best pizza. we go there all the time and they are open late..

  3. good food and good service i love this place gooooooood

  4. good food and good service media pizza the best in media rock on media pizza

  5. good food and good service i love this place gooooooood