Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is the $650k bid for 1 West State Street too low? Take our Poll

Is the $650k bid for 1 West State Street too low? Independent property appraisals list the property in the $900k range.

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  1. I vote 'not enough information'.

    Conservation restrictions - such as the ones included with this proposal - significantly discount a property's value. Does the appraisal account for that or not?

    If not, then is it worth $250,000 to ensure the facade and veteran's memorial are never changed and to guarantee the building is never demolished? I have no idea.

    How about you, candidate Tedman? Now is your opportunity to demonstrate leadership. Would you have voted to accept the bid? Or would you have voted against?

    When voting to sell the Theater and Armory - as you have indicated you would - is price the only important thing? Or would you discount the properties in exchange for conservation concessions that would preserve the historic nature of the properties?