Sunday, March 27, 2011

Media needs Bi-partisanship Cooperation To Get Things Done!

With the recent developments regarding the pending sale of 1 West State Street, I couldn't help but think that after 7 years, I'm still looking for answers to the same questions: (1 West State St., 3rd St.Bridge, Media Theatre)  After the New Orleans Cafe went out of business, much in the same fashion as Brodeur's, Borough Council had a chance to learn from the situation and modify their strategy.  After rejecitng an offer to sell the building to Dan Brodeur for $1 Million, they went on to lease the building and practically repeated the same financial  missteps that led to ANOTHER  tenant defaulting on the lease.  Any other organization other than municipal government, would have been removed from doing leases/sales.

Media Borough Meeting Minutes 2004Tedman O’Hara inquired about the debts owed to the Borough from the tenants of the New Orleans CafĂ© and Media Theatre.  President Hagan responded that the Borough is in negotiations with the Theatre to modify a payment plan to settle any outstanding balances.

Having spoken to residents and business owners, the consensus seems the bid is too low. Should it be sold?  Yes, but at a reasonable price and if possible, in a way in which it retains  the character of the building.   I ask this: Would anyone on Borough Council sell their own home at almost 30% less than what it was appraised for?  If they are, I'm interested.

During that timeframe in 2004, the Media Theatre was also suffering from financial set backs which included debts owed to Media Borough.  Again, another tenant, in another building and a similar situation. What's different in this scenario is that it appears the Theatre pays $1 dollar a year to the borough in rent and the Mayor sits on their Board of Directors.  

Media, it's time for new leadership, it's time for transparency and it's time for bi-partisan cooperation to move us beyond the party politics that have gripped this town. What's encouraging is the bi-partisan coalition made up of Democrats and Republicans has done more for the 3rd St. bridge in 9 months, than the prior 12 years. Let's keep it going and move beyond these real estate issues that have been mis-managed for YEARS!

Tedman O'Hara

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