Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pride in Media Boro Bipartisanship -

In an earlier post I mentioned that during my fundraiser someone,  asked if I would get "Pride in Media Bipartisanship" pins for those interested in supporting it.  Well here they are!  
Contrary to what a selected group of people want you to believe, as a Republican in Media, we don't receive agendas, nor do we push them.  What's interesting is that the people who make those allegations against the county, also know there not true.  Putting Media first is the best solution and that requires working with both parties.

As a candidate for Media Borough Council, I'm interested in getting things done and there is not a better model than the recent changes in borough council that happen within the last year.  With historical movement on the 3rd street bridge, new committee assignments, a new boro. engineer, solar initiatives, recycling and active discussion on the potential sale of the 1 West State St; these are real achievements that are showing results.


  1. Hi,
    This is Roger Ricker, Democratic Candidate for Media Borough Council.
    I am running un-endorsed by our Democratic Committee.
    Why is Media allowing an tiny Democratic Committee to choose those it deems 'worthy'of being on the ballot?
    The entire Dem Committee ought to be ashamed of itself for not choosing the most diverse candidates they could have chosen.
    Our President Barack Obama believes in diversity...Media Borough wants to be seen as a 'liberal' and 'modern' borough while retaining its 'historic past'. But the Dem Committee is living in the 1950's...
    So...the Dem Committee must have a touch of homophobia? They seem to be very out of touch with what the national Dems believe and pursue.
    I look forward to WINNING THE DEM PRIMARY ON MAY 17TH and working with a bi-partisan attitude toward achieving what is BEST FOR MEDIA BOROUGH.
    Let's get in touch with the year 2011.

  2. The democratic party in media does not embrace the progressive principles of the National Democratic Party. There are no people of color, no gay people, all are Caucasian on the council and I would say that there is more cronyism in this town than ten other boroughs of this size. The Inquirer I believe would find this a worthy story as would the national Human Rights Committee. The Republican Party seems to be the party that is more open to diversity and more progressive. It would be interesting to hear from both sides as to their interest in diversity on the council.