Sunday, August 7, 2011

Media Borough Republicans Providing Solutions for Media

Pete Alyanakian, Toni Cavanagh Dimonte, Tedman O’Hara
The Home Team that grew up in the Media area and went to RTM Schools

The Media Borough Republican Committee (MBRC) announces their candidates for Media Borough Council. Council President, Pete Alyanakian, currently serving his 12th year on Borough Council, will be running for re-election, along with candidates Toni Lee Cavanagh Dimonte, and Tedman O’Hara.

Our candidates represent a diverse cross section of the community.

Pete Alyanakian has been a Media Borough councilman since 2000. One of Pete’s biggest accomplishments since elected to council  has been leading Media’s solar energy initiative positioning Media as one of the largest municipal producers of solar energy in Pennsylvania. Pete has served on boards and commissions including the  Media Youth Center, Public Safety, Finance, Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC), Personnel, Recreation, library, health, historic archives and  Public Properties Committees.  

Toni Cavanagh Dimonte is an attorney with 16 years experience who has represented clients in zoning and municipal matters in various Boroughs and Townships throughout Delaware County.  In addition to her private law practice, Toni has served Delaware County as a public defender for the past seven years. Toni has served as a member of the Upper Providence Recreation Board and as well as the Chester Heights Borough Council. She is also a licensed real estate broker and the owner of Cavanagh Real Estate.

Tedman L. O'Hara is a long-time area resident with deep roots in the community.  A Penncrest High School graduate and long-time affiliate of the Rose Tree Media School District, Tedman understands deeply the hometown community and the people and values it encompasses.  Tedman’s work in the community has not gone unnoticed.  He has actively advocated Media through articles on Tedman is an experienced coalition builder and is exactly the kind of leader that will work in a bi-partisan way to deliver results. Having worked with Congressional and White House committees on economic development, Tedman has real world experience leading regions and small towns on infrastructure, technology, safety and operational/management challenges.

We are strongly committed to:

  • Managing borough taxes and revenues in a responsible way that maximizes value for every dollar spent.
  • Increasing borough government participation by opening up   positions and boards to all residents who may want to participate.
  • Eliminate wasteful spending by replacing over paid political cronies with responsible professionals increasing the effectiveness of how your tax dollars are spent!  
  • Protect residential districts from commercial intrusion and over development through update of the Comprehensive plan that has not been updated since the late 90’s.
  • Attack problems of traffic congestion, speeding cars and pedestrian safety by continuing our police patrols in all areas of the borough.
  • Open council meetings to all who want a voice in how government works.  Return accountability, responsiveness and responsibility to Borough Council.
  • Our bi-partisan platform is not just talk. We have continued to embrace all members of council and value their input in representing what’s best for Media.

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