Sunday, August 7, 2011

3rd St. Bridge FAQ's

The issues and questions swirling around the 3rd St. Bridge  have been confusing for a lot of people.  To lessen the confusion, here's what's known.

How much will this cost taxpayers?As it is now, zero $.  The bridge has received 100% of it's financing through (PennDot, Delaware County, State of Pa.)
Will there be a bike path/sidewalk?No, per PennDot, either one requires a pre-existing bike path/sidewalk on either side of the bridge that would allow one on the bridge to connect to.
When's Construction Start/End?Construction could start as soon as 2013 and complete in the same year.
When can I drive over it?Earliest, late 2013.
Can it be breached or just left as is?No, based on settled lawsuits and funds already spend, it wouldn't feasible.
How much will it cost PennDot?It'll cost $3.3 million.  Had it been fixed at the onset (12 years ago), it would have been $1.4 million.
Is there flexibility towards the final design?Yes, but limited.
Can I participate in the future design decisions?Yes, Borough Council is in the process to create a committee to address concerns,
Can it be a one-way bridge?Possible, but not likely.
What about  future traffic on 3rd St.?A formal traffic study has not been done.  Once it's understood how new traffic will affect 3rd. Street, traffic modification may be needed (i.e. speed bumps, stop signs, etc.)
Why'd it take over a decade to fix?There are many reason, but what's important is that it was resolved in 12 months by Council President, Pete Alyanakian
Why was it closed in the first place?It's rumored that the borough used the bridge to offload snow accumulated throughout Media.  In 1996, a truck backed up and cracked the wall leaving is structurally unsound.  In addition, the heavy volume of snow dumped over the wall, may have eroded the substructure.

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