Friday, May 20, 2011

Media's Bipartisan Coalition Defeats 28 years of Democratic Cronyism and Political $$$

Not only is Media's bipartisan coalition, led by Pete Alyanakian and Monika Rehoric getting needed bridges repaired, they're also defeating the cronyism and political $$$ kick-backs that have plagued this town for so long.

Political Kick Back to the Democratic Machine
To my surprise, and perhaps yours; the former borough engineer Sande F. Walton was not only making an annual political contribution of $1,250 to the Media Democratic Party for years, he was also at the time the Chairman of the Brookhaven Democratic party.  So who was working for who?  

How can Media residents in good faith be assured that fees charged to the borough (i.e. $240k 3rd St. Bridge) were not politically influenced?  Even more concerning is what else has still yet to be uncovered after 28 years.........?

The changes that took place last year which removed the majority leadership from position was the right thing to do.  It may have not be clear at the time, but it's now becoming apparent why the bipartisan coalition needed to act independently.

Media's not a social club for the local political elite, it's a town for everyone.  


  1. Ouch! I guess the Dems were in if for the money all along. I'd like to see that report.


  3. Yes, Indeed, it certainly is.

  4. Media Democrats have been ripping this town off for years.......get use to it.