Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fireworks in Media, PA? Not since 1986, but don't forget Family Fun Day!

A  popular search trend this week here in Media, PA includes queries on "Fireworks" and where to watch them.  If you've had this question on your mind, you can swing over to for a listing of towns that will be featuring fireworks this weekend.  

What about fireworks in Media?  Well, we haven't had them here since 1986 when borough council ruled in favor of discontinuing the event that had gone on at Glen Providence Park since the sixties. It was reported that crowd control problems were the main reason for fireworks to be cancelled.  Liability insurance also played a part too.  You can read an archived article at about reasons behind the decision.

Over the years it seems as though residents have taken matters into their own hands by having pyrotechnic displays in the street.  Truthfully, I don't know if there is a ordinance about home fireworks, but I do know that stores in the area now sell vast arsenals consisting of anything that can be lit by a fuse, exploded or launched across the sky.  So, the home shows have advanced quite significantly since the days of sparklers, smoke bombs and snakes.
Silly Joe

So in lieu of fireworks, Media will be having it's Annual Family Fun day, Monday at Barrall Field at 10am til noon.  Musical entertainment will be provided by Silly Joe.

Wear you bathing suit, the event will also include water slides, sprays and plenty of dousing. Games, contests and crafts too!  Media Recreation board will be hosting the event and will have food and drinks for attendees.

Have a great Independence Day weekend!

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