Sunday, June 19, 2011

Results Matter: Council President, Pete Alyanakian getting things done in Media!

Facts are facts: after a decade of poor leadership, costly indecisioncronyism and talk from former council leadership; Media is finally getting the results it needs from Media Boro. Council President, Pete Alyanakian (R) and Vice President, Monika Rehoric (D).  In the last year, more has been accomplished with the third street bridge, than the last decade under the former democratic leadership.

As a candiate myself, I look forward to getting results for the residents of Media, not political cronies!

Tedman O'Hara

Results Matter! 
Media's new leadership is making that happen!  


  1. Tedman, I'm not sure you're better than any other politician in this town, and quite frankly I don't like republicans, but at least you're raising issues that I wasn't aware of. So, tell me more..........

  2. Tedman, what is the difference between a politician and a concerned resident. I believe the concerned resident runs to make things better for everyone. A politician makes things better for their friends. thanks for being a concerned resident that wants to make things better for all. Good luck in the election.

  3. If you want to find the money to fund the project, tell the chief to tell his officers to sit on every corner of state and ticket every car that blows stop signs, run red lights, do not yield to pedestrians, speeds and double parks. It is an absolute disgrace how often this happens. Now with summer upon us, kids and more people will be out and about. I know every car can't be caught, but I frequently see multiple police vehicles in Wawa parking lots, pulling a single car over and etc. Sadly, it will take a pedestrian getting hit and killed on State Street before any action will be taken.