Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Tedman O'Hara
I want to thank all the readers who come by on a daily basis to read ATM.  With over 500 posts on literally, all things Media, this blog has set a standard that many have have tried to emulate in their own way.  I not only think that's cool, but I encourage it and hope others are inspired to express what's important to them.

Tomorrow evening, I'll be featured with other Delco bloggers discussing why we blog in the community, what we think is important to readers, and how news on this level will play a big part in the future.  With my experience in this medium, I've learned that no story is too big or too small.  Whether it's politics, events, lost pets or power outages, I've seen a fascinating amount of data trending that interestingly shows what people like......and dislike.  Believe me, this couldn't be easier to do, but it does require a lot of commitment, enthusiasm and grit.  By grit I mean, the ability to take criticism because you'll get plenty of that.

One of the topics I want to bring up tomorrow revolves around "Comments."  Doing this for as long as I have, comments are still a tricky item to handle.  I've taken the position:  I'll allow comments by "anonymous," as long as they are within the boundaries.  I use to let them post freely, until some problems occurred with cyberbullying, which led to this blog now having to approve each comment, anonymous or otherwise.  I typically don't reply to anonymous comments, unless it's someone in need.

I'm proud to have been selected by Editor,  Phil Heron of the delcotimes.com as one of their first bloggers. When we first met, we weren't sure where this would all go, but for me, it's exceeded my expectations and that of the readers.

As the technology and medium continue to evolve, so will this blog and the way vistors interact with it.  I'm very excited with some of the things on the horizon that will really give the experience here at ATM a "WOW" factor.

Check us out tomorrow, get inspired and make a impact.  Too many people in this world are waiting for someone....anyone, to make the first move......don't be one of them.

Tedman O'Hara

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