Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cafe scene to be filmed at Koffee Korner for upcoming film called Inside Out

Koffee Korner
Media in the movies?..... at least short films.  This Tuesday the Koffee Korner will be the set for the filming of a cafe scene that will be used in an upcoming movie, INSIDE OUT.  The movie is being produced by Shiny Studio

The upcoming film is about Conn, a shy kid who “prefers the company of books” finds himself in a dilemma when a girl named Attie threatens to turn his world upside 

Check it out!  Not sure if they need extras, but if not, you'll get great food from great people.

Koffee Korner: Koffee Korner provides much more than just good food and laughs. It's a place to call your own spot!

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