Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bastille Day in Media - WELL DONE!

If you didn't make last night's Bastille Day in Media, you missed a really good time.  I was quite impressed with how well this was done and a lot of that goes to the great coordination of the Media Arts Council.  If you've been to dining under the stars on Wednesday's you'd get a good feel for last night.  But better yet, which really created a nice vibe, were the many music acts, events and re-enactments going on all evening long......people loved it.  

Not having been to Stephen's on State in awhile, we decided to check it out and sat outside.  There's no other better way to say this than: the food and service were awesome.  It's almost hard to imagine what Media was like before outdoor dining and town events like this.

With any event there are always a few observations people make and are never shy to share with me.  One of which regarded people walking their dogs in close proximity to the tables were people were dining.  I have a dog and dogs don't bother me, but this is good point.  Technically, I don't think you're allowed to bring dogs to these events, but this is lightly, if at all enforced.  Perhaps what's needed is better signage and emphasized announcements prior to events.  The other concern popular last night was biking down the sidewalks on State St. during the event.  Perhaps an isolate occurrence, but something that planners will want to keep in mind.

Again, great job Media!  Along with excellent weather, there wasn't a better place to be in all the land. 


  1. kids 10 and under should be able to ride their a borough resident, its hard to find a place at home where kids can ride freely due to so many speeding drivers and busy roads in our community. We attend Dining under the stars weekly and most Media events- we do our shopping in media and try to keep the bulk of our money in our community...our kids love the opportunity to ride their bikes on the streets when they are blocked off. They don't bother the diner's...If bikes for kids are taken away it will be a crying shame for all the kids who grow up in media.

  2. In regards to bikes during these events (specifically Dining Under the Stars), there have been several complaints made about the amount of biker riders (as well as children on scooters and skateboards) who are riding up and down the street without regards to pedestrians or diners. There have been tables knocked into, children weaving in and out of tables as though it were an obstacle course, pedestrians who have had to jump out of the way of bikes, children who are chalking have had their fingers run over and have been knocked over by other children on bikes, and bike riders themselves have face planted due to the trolley tracks. Organizers are having a hard time trying to figure out the solution, it’s a fine balance between “hometown feel” and public safety. Technically there are specific ordinances that prohibit bikes, skateboards & dogs at public events. I don’t think anyone really wants to enforce these rules as long as a solution can be found. I’m not sure what the solution is though. Possibly keeping all bike riding to more open areas and away from the main dining areas (Picasso/ La Na through the block of Olive & Veterans Square)?

  3. I find the singers in front of the old Broduer's to be more offensive than the children running around. Not only is the singing poor, the volume of the speakers make it so that we wont even eat at Margaret's anymore because it is just too annoying.

  4. Hedgerow Theatre's storming and singing were a pain. Can the Borough come up with something nicer and more pleasant than this atrocious presentation year after year? From the awful wigs to the wrong notes, this is not a pleasant presentation.
    There's more talent around here than that.

  5. The kids on the bikes are a danger to themselves and everyone around them during the special events. They should be banned and it should be strictly enforced. They are not adding anything to the special events. They don't spend money and they can potentially scare off people who want to eat in peace without the fear of being run over by bicycles. Keep your children at home and stop forcing them onto to rest of us.