Friday, July 15, 2011

Media Family Night - Outdoor Movie on Barrall Field - Saturday, July 16th 2011

Get ready Media, this weekend is Family Movie Night at Barrall Field.  The movie, which will be shown outside on a jumbo, blow up screen will captivate an audience young and old.  Remember the days of drive in movie theaters?  (Eddystone, Rt. 202, Exton).  Well if you don't, you'll definitely get a taste of nostalgia with this event.

It'll be hosted at Barrall field, so be sure to bring snacks, blankets and chairs.

For more information, check out the
Media Borough website.

Tonight's Movie: How to Train your Dragon


  1. Intriguing but I'd rather know what I'm coming to see before I bring a four and two year old down there only to find out the movie is way inappropriate for them.

  2. the schedule of movies each month is on the media website