Monday, July 11, 2011

Five Things that Changed Media, PA for the Better in the last year

The last year has been an extremely important one for Media, Pa and the residents.  It's been almost a year since we've had a bipartisan borough council in place who not only leads by example, but continues to show major results.  It was a collective effort that everyone should be proud of, Democrat or Republican.

Five Major Achievements in the Last Year:
  1. Bipartisanship: After 28 years of one party majority rule, borough council voted to make changes to better position council to deal with issues that have lingered for years. Despite early criticism by opponents questioning the new leadership and change, the results have been impressive.
  2. 3rd St. Bridge Lawsuit:  Over a decade had passed before a council president could resolve the lawsuits that prevented Media Borough from addressing the repair of the bridge.   The bipartisan cooperation, led by Council President, Pete Alyanakian (R) and Vice President Monika Rehoric (D) resolved this issue within 9 months!!!!!!!!

  3. 3rd St. Bridge Finance:  
    Closed by the PA DEP in 1996 this project has cost over $330,000 tax dollars through legal and engineering fees.  The bipartisan council has applied for and received a grant for $75,000 from the county to help offset the design cost. In addition, President, Pete Alyanakian authorized council to apply for a state grant for the remaining balance of $650,000 for the dam repair.  
    He is the only council president who has applied for any additional funds since 1996. 
  4. Defeating Political Cronyism: Bipartisanship put an end to the political cronyism that was going on between the former Borough Engineer (aka Chair of the Brookhaven Democrats) and the Media Democratic Party who was receiving a yearly campaign contribution of $1,250 for the last three years.    This could not have been addressed without a bipartisanship change.
  5. Sale of 1 West State St.:  $670,000 for 1 West State Street (Brodeur's) is far from the bid of $1,000,000 that was rejected back in 2005, but the bid was approved last week for the sale of the building.  
Make no mistake, there is still a lot of work to do but actions are speaking louder than words.  Nice job, Media Borough Council!


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  2. @Anonymous: Um, isn't Tedman speaking about "bi-partisanship"...I don't think saying things like "now lets see how the koolaid drinking left leaning dems try to spin the facts against true progress" helps anything. Just because 2 of the recently elected council members (who RAN AS DEMOCRATS) have allied w/ the republicans on council on every issue, how does that make the others "left leaning"?

    Oh yeah, and the people you mentioned aren't on Borough Council (yet)...who's drinkin kool aid?

  3. The term 'bipartisan' to some of the hardcore Lefties in town is like sunlight to a vampire. I believe mentioning the term actually burns their skin a bit. They could grow up and work as one unified body but of course that wouldn't be their 'prerogative'.

  4. I never did understand what was going on with that bridge, thanks for the clear that up. If Media has figured out a way to get things done in mere months, as opposed to years, if not decades, then more power to them.

  5. The third street bridge project along with the INTERSECTION at Rose Tree Road and Rt 252. I thought that all the hoopla and financial hardship spent on restoring & relocating the Rose Tree Tavern was so the intersection could finally be "widened", thereby eliminating a "bottleneck" that occurs on an all to frequent basis:-(