Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: 3rd St. Bridge is 100% financed at no cost to Media Taxpayers

At tonight's public hearing regarding design plans for the 3rd Street Bridge, a major announcement was made by State Senator, Dominic Pileggi who was on hand to present a grant that will fund the remaining costs associated with the 3rd St. Bridge.

ongratulations to Council President, Pete Alyanakian, Vice President, Monika Rehoric and to Media residents and businesses.  The 3rd St. Bridge is now positioned to be 100% financed without Media taxpayer support!

There are still concerns regarding the design and aesthetics, but overall this is a great achievement for Media!

More information to come.......


  1. Sadly, this group who claims they are friend of Glen Providence park has done nothing up until now about the park. Secondly, Park Edge lane development has done more to hurt the park, than a new bridge could ever do.

  2. Lemon St., agreed!

  3. The news is exciting, thrilled that something is finally going to happen with the bridge. And here I thought it was to stand as a monument to decades of gross incompetence!

    Congrats to to Borough, now can we send Monika and Pete to Washington to settle bigger issues?

  4. Is the additional funding for the design or the construction phase? Or can it be used for both?

  5. Tedman, can you get us money for a covered bridge? So what do you say? We'll let you pick the color of the lilacs on the grassy berm.

  6. Considering all the support for the bridge on this blog, I'm surprised there wasn't more at the meeting.

  7. Where were all the Media residents, apart from
    those living close to the park? I was surprised
    I didn't see more faces from the Northern District.

    The opening of the bridge is going to be a welcome Gateway in and out of Media. I can't wait.

  8. Careful here with the notion that this is "100% funded" AND "at no cost to taxpayers". PennDOT will pay 80% of certain expenses, and we have a grant for $650K. The $3.3 million figure is not etched in stone; indeed, the citizens of media seem to be wanting something better than what the current design firm is offering.

    Kudos to all involved, to be sure. Let's use that funding to make this project a credit to the community, even if there remains some cost to the borough. We just need to be careful not to settle on taking what we can get 'for free'; we have the means to be ale to do this project very, very well.