Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eight Accomplishments that Improved Media, PA

For the first time in 28 years, there is truly a bi-partisan council setting aside a political agenda and doing what is right by the borough, its residents and businesses. Both parties, on a national level, promised change and an ability to reach across the aisle; but have fallen short.  People I've talked to going door-to-door tell me this is a major concern of theirs, as they're fed up with the non-sense. Here in Media, we had a different outcome.  With the cooperation of two democrats and two republicans last year, council showed that not only can it work together, but it also can deliver much needed results that haven't been seen in a decade. Leadership matters and so do the results our elected officials are committed to. As a candidate, I would encourage all voters to consider this year's accomplishments, the integrity of the candidates (Pete and Toni) and the commitment we have towards open, honest leadership that will continue to make Media a better place for all. Know this, at the end of the day, it’s the community that benefits from every one's great accomplishments, not a political party. Tedman

The Hometown Team :
Pete Alyanakian, Toni Cavanagh DiMonte, Tedman O'Hara

In 2011, Media Borough Council has never worked harder and here are the Eight Major Achievements to prove it.
  1. Bipartisanship: After 28 years of one party majority rule, borough council voted to make changes to better position council to deal with issues that have been neglected for years. Despite early criticism by opponents questioning the new leadership and change, the results have been historical.
  2. 3rd St. Bridge Lawsuit:  Over a decade had passed before a council president could resolve the lawsuits that prevented Media Borough from addressing the repair of the bridge.   The bipartisan cooperation, led by Council President, Pete Alyanakian (R) and Vice President Monika Rehoric (D) resolved this issue within 9 months!!!!!!!!
  3. 3rd St. Bridge Finance and Taxpayer advocacy:  
    Closed by the PA DEP in 1996 this project has cost over $330,000 tax dollars through legal and engineering fees.  The bipartisan council has applied for and received a grant for $75,000 from the county to help offset the design cost. In addition, President, Pete Alyanakian authorized council to apply for a state grant which was recently awarded for $650,000.
    He is the only council president who has applied for any additional funds since 1996. 
  4. Defeating Political Cronyism: This March, bi-partisanship put an end to the political cronyism that was going on between the former Borough Engineer (aka Chair of the Brookhaven Democrats) and the Media Democratic Party, who hired him.  The engineer received a $250,000 no bid contract (CMAQ) and $100,000 in fees for a closed bridge from the former, Media borough democratic majority.  In return, the engineer contributed  thousands of dollars over the years in political contributions to fund their campaigns. Once defeated, the 3rd St. bridge was resolved within the year. This could not have been addressed without a bi-partisanship change.
  5. Sale of 1 West State St.:  After two failed restaurants and  rejecting a $1,000,000 bid by the former democratic majority, Pete Alyanakian and the bipartisan coalition accepted the highest bid of $670,000 this year for  the sale of 1 West State Street (Brodeur's)
  6. Funding for Media Events: Showing confidence in Media's new leadership, Brandywine CVBa primary sponsor for MBA events, added $20,000 in new funds this year to help make our street events bigger and better in 2011.
  7. CMAQ: (Congestion Mitigation Air Quality) Project awarded in 1999, is now on schedule to be finally completed in 2011.   This project allowed for installation of a computerized closed loop traffic signal system on Baltimore Pike and Providence Road.  This system will enhance travel and reduce congestion for the thousands of motorists who travel on both roads each day. 
  8. Hampton Inn: Media's future hotel could have been started sooner, but it was the leadership of Jim Cunningham, Pete Alyanakian and southern precinct Committeewoman, Kristi Dick who made sure the residents of the southern precinct were properly represented by council.  This not only led to Media negotiating a better deal, but protected the best interests of the residents directly affected by this hotel and traffic development.  A win-win for all.
(Note:  PennDot provides a list of approved contractors for this type of CMAQ design work,  but the former council gave it to the largest donor to the Media Democratic Party.......a NO Bid contract to the former borough engineer for the design work. The firm had no experience in this type of design and took over 11 years and spent close to $300,000 of your tax dollars to complete the work!)

Character, Integrity and Honest Judgement Matters, 
regardless of party politics!


  1. BAM!, Tedman tell'in it like it is. My boy from the P to the E to the double NN-CREST

  2. As a member of the Broomall Lake Swin Club, the Media democrats have managed to blame everyone but themselves for this fiasco.