Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jim Cunningham, The People's Councilman

Media resident, Michael Jordan writes in today's Delcotimes about the leadership and service provided by Borough Councilman, Jim Cunningham.
Jim was old-school, always putting the residents needs over party alliances. Holding office for him was a public trust, never tinged with ulterior motives.
No one knows — or knew — more Media residents, past and present, and their needs. A virtual archive of Media’s history he embodies.
A stickler for good conduct in local government, he fought for stronger ethical standards. With a watchful eye on government finances, he make sure no one was picking the pockets of Media’s taxpayers.

Jim stood up for what he believed in and voted on behalf of the communitiy, not a political motive.


  1. Jim is a good guy! I was talking with him the other day. He is a stellar community leader!

  2. Great article.....and I agree entirely.

  3. Thanks for your service Councilman Cunningham!

  4. I often disagree with Councilman Cunningham's opinions however I cannot deny respect to person who stands by their beliefs despite popular vote.

    His recent comment about the 4-way stop sign on Lemon and 3rd Street is a perfect example of this . . .

    "You never do wrong, doing what the people want"

    I find fault in this logic but respect his commitment to the people of Media.