Saturday, October 1, 2011

Media showing excitement for the Phillies

Phillies vs Cardinals 5:07pm
Here we go......  With the playoffs to begin today for the Phillies, people are gearing up for a great series against St. Louis.  If you haven't read about it in the papers or online, your bound to see it on State St. as the Plumstead Inn is already flying their colors for tonight's game.  Locals will tell you it's probably the best place to watch the game, as long as your a die hard Phils fan. 

With 7 HD tv's, good food and the famous beer special "Two Buck Chuck," it's not only a good time, but a neighborhood bar that loves its sports.  As a bonus, Chuck Margis told me he'll see what he can do to being back "dollar hotdogs" for tonight's event.  

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