Saturday, November 5, 2011

Boro Candidate, Tedman O'Hara receives BIG support from Media Residents

Plumstead Inn Nov. 2011
It was not only a lot of fun, but an honor to receive such a great turn-out last night at the Plumstead Inn in Media.  From 7 to 9pm I was on hand to talk with and meet residents.  I was humbled by those who no only support me, but also Pete Alyanakian, Toni Cavanagh and schoolboard candidate Chris Guilday.

The responsibility of a councilperson, is being a part of the community.  I grew up here and know many of you as a friend, neighbor or classmate.  Running for Media Borough Council, I will put my judgement, character and integrity up against any other candidate.

I'm counting on your vote
Tuesday, November 8th.

Do you know where your polling location is? If not use the map below.

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