Monday, November 7, 2011

Leadership that Works for Media - VOTE Tuesday, Nov. 8th 7am to 8pm

Five things that would not have happened under the Democratic Majority on Media Borough Council, but happened by bi-partisan cooperation let by Pete Alyanakian and Monika Rehoric.
  1. Resolved decade long lawsuits over Third Street Bridge.
  2. Received over $750k for repair and design work or Third Street Bridge at no expense to Media Taxpayers
  3. Sold 1 West State St. to the highest bidder (note: Media democrats turned down $1 million dollar offer)
  4. Delaware County's Brandywine Convention and Visitors Bureau, having confidence in Media's new leadership (Pete Alyanakian and Monika Rehoric) contributed $20,000 to the borough for events.
  5. Defeated Croynism: Replaced the Chairman of the Brookhaven Democratic party who was also the engineer of Media Borough.  This engineer received $250k no-bids from the democratic majority, while giving back political kick backs in the thousands of dollars to fund their campaigns.

Polls will be open form 7am to 8pm Tuesday, November 8th.  


  1. I'm not sure what the democratic candidates are running on? All they do is tell Media why these great things are bad.

  2. Looks like the Dems have to bring Obama and Biden to Delco to beat you guys......and that might not even work. Good Luck!

  3. Make a difference in Media, vote for Ted(is-the)Man!!!