Sunday, November 13, 2011

Locust Crest become La Porta

The site where the former Locust Crest was, is now undergoing a full renovation to prepare for the opening a new restaurant by the name of La Porta.  From what I've been told the new creation will be a pizzeria/wine bar atmosphere.  More can be read here.

I had a chance to stop by and see the work being done to the building.  From what I saw, it will look a lot different from the old Locust Crest when complete.  I just hope the keep the working fireplace.

The sign says they'll be open in 2012, but I've heard it may be sooner than that.  I was quite fond of the Locust Crest, but this will definitely be worth a try.  Good luck to La Porta!

They raised the roof and added windows to the former bar area


  1. will they still have that great chili?

  2. Hopefully it won't take as long as Ariano
    Pizza should be delicious, simple, and quick

  3. I will miss the locust crest.