Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not the trolley, but a train just on the outskirts of town w/video

It doesn't run all the time, you can't take it to work and compared to SEPTA the fares might be a little steep for a very old train on and old railroad, but the nostalgia of riding a train through the winding landscape of Glen Mills, Edgmont and Thornbury are, as they say, priceless.

Many say we're lucky to have the 101 trolley run right down State Street in Media, and we are.  However,  if you're looking for another adventure that is ideal for kids of all ages, look now further than the West Chester RR.  They do many events this time of year and run a few times each Saturday and Sunday.  One of the great trips they have entails taking their train to a Christmas tree farm, cutting down a tree, throwing it on the train and trekking back to the station.  
That folks, it pretty neat in anyone's book.

Check at the West Chester RR on Facebook.  They are an all volunteer crew who have an unwavering love of trains and the imagination they capture.

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  1. My family has been on the West Chester Railroad a few times and loved it! It is a great family activity.