Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Media Needs Help at the Polling Places

Dear Voters,

Media is in urgent need of help at the polls this November 8th.  Regardless of what party you may support, this is a collective effort of people in town (republican, democrats, independents, etc) working together to make sure the polls are open so EVERYONE can vote.  

We are in particular need of people in the Eastern and Western Precincts to help with machine setup, majority inspectors, etc.  Some of these are paying positions and training will be provided at the courthouse.  If you're interested, please email info@allthingsmediapa.com and I will forward on your requests.  You can also visit
www.mediarepublicans.com or www.mediademocrats.com to contact your precinct committee person.

If you're unsure of what precinct you're in or the address of the polling place, please review Media's Precinct Map

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