Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Responsible Leadership for Media - Achievements Matter!

With our country divided on nearly every political issue, it refreshing to see a bipartisan cooperation that creates results for voters.  In fact, it's happening here in Media, PA.    Pete Alyanakian and the Media Bipartisan Coalition led by example to bring more notable achievements to Media in the last year, than we've seen in a long time.   All politics are local and it's those who have the confidence to work with others across the "aisle" that truly make for a functioning government.

As a candidate, I hope to continue this cooperation with character and integrity. No one's talking about working together for what's best for Media, but I am!

Tedman O'Hara

This election you can decide to move forward with bi-partisan leadership that has accomplished much in the last 18 months. Much work needs to be done, though we have the team that is committed to the effort.  We cannot afford to return to the days of one party rule, but to be more inclusive in decision making that directly impacts our community.  We look forward to seeing you Tuesday, November 8th

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  1. Nice ad in the town talk! I hope you all win. Good Luck