Saturday, December 24, 2011

Media's New Year's Eve ball drop and where it'll be

12/30/11 UPDATE: Festivities for Media's 11th Annual ball drop will begin at 11pm with musical guest,  Philly Gumbo.  Location is 1 West State St. on the corner of Jackson and State St.  

With recent changes in the brorough last year regarding the sale of 1 West State St. and the soon to be announced opening of the new restaurant Spasso's; many people have asked me what will be of this year's New Year's Eve ball drop.  Despite no formal annoucements by the borough, atleast not through their website, the Ball Drop will be right where it's been each and every year..........1 West State St.  Spasso's won't be open yet, but the building has been vacant for a few years now and the event is just as good.

Some may not know this, but one year there was a request by the Town House restaurant to have them host the event by Veteran's Sq.  A lot of people felt it just wouldn't have been the same to have it over there, and, well the current location was kept.

If you haven't been to this celebration, it's one of Media's more rowdier events, especially by the front steps of the building.  Last year was the first time I attended and was surprised to be doused by A LOT of champagne or something similar.  It almost felt like being in the victor's locker room after winning a Superbowl.  I was dressed up, so I can't say I was particularly thrilled, but now I know.

It's no doubt a festive time that's grown in popularity through out the years.  Many people come to town to partake in house parties and dining at the local restaurants and bars.  If fact, many of the bars will tell you it's one of their busiest nigths of the year.

Here's a locally produced video by the Media Business Authority of the night's festivities from a few years back.

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