Monday, December 26, 2011

Sweetness Returns to Media.....Sinfully

Sinfully Delicious
Back in September of this year I reported that with the closing of Sweet Potato Cafe, Media was left without a bakery.  I'm not sure how many bakeries Media has had or if there's been a span when we didn't have one, but that was the sad situation. 

Media without a bakery just didn't  sound right, nor did it to Media's newest business: Sinfully Delicious Bakery.  They've been open for a few weeks, but I had a chance to get down there and meet Tammy who was behind the counter that day.  Based on their selection, they are a full functioning bakery even if their main baking facility is in Brookhaven, PA.  Cookies, bread, cinnamon rolls, cake, pies.....they got it all.  In fact, you can custom order cakes of all kinds.

You can find them on Monroe St. between Baker and State Street.  They also are on Facebook too.

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