Thursday, January 19, 2012

Don't believe the TYPE! No newsletter for ATMpa

Despite the rumors going around, will not be going into print or newsletter form.  It's actually not a bad supplemental idea for a blog and the technology would make it quite easy to produce, but I have no plans to do such. 

Someone looking to generate advertising revenue from a print version of their blog may be interested in that model, but that would add another level of complexity to an otherwise simplistic medium.  If you couldn't overcome the printing and distribution costs from ad revenue, it wouldn't be worth the effort.

My first and only foray into advertising on this blog made a gasping $0.44 over a one month period. I could run ads now for a monthly charge, but that's something I'm not looking to do either.

What I may do is post the top 5  or so searches about Media and how they hit this site each week.  With over 730 post about media pa and having an online presence for many years, there's not much that is searched about "Media, PA" that doesn't somehow hit this site. Google did recently implement a "secure" search that masks searches, but there is still a lot of useful information.

For instance, here are today's top searches that landed on this site. What's interesting here is the popularity of restaurant and food delivery.  Not sure how many eateries deliver, but there is a tremendous market for it. I read this week that even Burger King is rolling out a delivery service.

These types of metrics are almost endless, so I'm sure someone will find them useful.  When you start to analyze the patterns you wonder why someone hasn't started a Media Valet service (Hint!)

As you can also see, people are also eager to know when Spasso and La Porta (Old Locust Crest Tavern) will open.  Come to think of it, I am too.

Top six searches today1/19/2012

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