Sunday, January 29, 2012

La Porta Restaurant (aka Old Locust Crest) slowly but surely

La Porta - Possible Take-out?
One thing people can't seem to get enough of is news on local Media restaurants.  We have four that have been hot lately and generating a lot of interest.

First off, we have Desert Rose in Media that recently announced they were coming to town and will go in where the former Selene's Co-op was.  This is relatively recent news with no time frame for an opening.

We also have Diego's which will occupy the old Coffee Club on State St.  I believe just last week there was an announcement that they would be open sometime in March.  With interesting decor and a lot of work being done at this location, this will no doubt be another great restaurant by Loic who also owns La Belle Epoque and Picasso's.

La Porta's Bar
Perhaps the biggest news on the Media restaurant scene will be the opening of Spasso's at 1 West State St.   No updates on this but I suspect sometime in the Spring we will see the grand opening.  I'll see if I get a firmer time frame on this, as people Google this place all the time and typically land at this site.  Having looked inside the building the layout will definitely be different, at least in the front room were the main bar was.   

Handicap Access
Lastly, I may never get over the closing of the Locust Crest that was a well liked landmark for half a century, but I am warming  up to the new restaurant that will be taking over.  La Porta is slowly making progress from the last time I visited a few months ago.  I don't know the actual opening date, but the inside looks beautiful.  The modifications for handicap access also appear to be an entrance for take-out, which would be a nice option. 
Outside grounds to the left of the building
 I'm impressed with what they're doing with the bar, and I think others will be too.   The fireplace from what I can tell will be kept, though the former bathrooms look to be undergoing renovations....they had to!  Looks like the notorious septic and well issues ave been addressed also.  In fact, the outside is coming a long so nicely that it could at some point cater to outside dining.


  1. Hey Tedman, I stopped by Il Porto on 352 just a few weeks ago, and the man who was there said they are planning to open in March! The owner also has Modo Mio, Paesano's, and Monsu in Philly, which are apparently great. Can't wait to check it out! There's a bit more info here:

  2. Stopped in to check out...very nice inside!! Bar tender was not very attentive, the owner finally came over to take our drink order. Bar tender very sloppy and sweaty looking and had no people skills. Not someone I would put up front for people to see or deal with as first impression! We ordered an appetizer and wine. Food was very good!!
    Look forward to going back to dine but NOT sit at bar.....maybe he is a family member and they had to dive him a job??

  3. I am a new regular if sorts, was very happy to have a new funky place in glen mills. Gotta say....this may be my last visit. As I sit here at the bar, I can smell the bleach residue that is visible on the surface of what could be a beautiful looking and clean, honed black absolute granite bar. Funny....the fly next to me doesn't seem to mind ....

    About 5 minutes ago, a nice, middle aged couple from the area, actually had to leave after viewing what appeared to be poor food handling and hygiene of the pizza staff. Funny.....I was gonna order a pizza too...

    On the bright side, I'm ecstatic that Bruce isn't tending bar tonight :-)

    Now....what the F do I order...? Think i'l ask the fly...

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