Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where's Media's Hampton Inn Hotel?!? West Side Land Purchase

When the original proposal was devised for bringing a hotel to Media back in 2006, it certainly was a different ecnomic landscape than what we have today.   Funds and fianancing back then were easy to come by for these types of projects and I'm sure that played a big part on a decision to bring a hotel to Media.  When the markets crashed, so did the lending.  This also gave way to stricter regulations that are no easy feat to navigate for borrowers.

After years of legislation and a settled lawsuit, the hotel has most of the approvals it needs to continue on with initial construction, at least maybe demolition.  What isn't so certain is if the owners still have the enthusiasm or even the financing options they once had to continue on.  No doubt cost projections for this hotel have got to be much less attractive than what they were six years ago.  That's strictly my opinion, but I would have thought by now a demolition permit would have been submitted to at least prepare the site or alleviate taxes by razing the property.  

Recently purchased property
In fact, I haven't heard much at all about the project other than the vandalism that occurred last year where thieves broke in an stole the copper piping from the premises.   I'm not sure if a fine was served by Media Borough, but the owners were asked to erect temporary fencing to better secure the site. You may have noticed this fencing in the parking lot as you drive by.

What I do know is that the property on the west side of town across the street from Dean Keys Towing was recently purchased.  This site has a few garages and a small vacant dive shop on the property.  I don' know yet of any plans for the use of the property, though I am somewhat familiar with the purchaser.  I suspect it's zoned commercially, but don't know that for sure.  The property does pose some challenging scenarios with traffic, which seems to be the biggest drawback.

Interesting to see what will be developed here......stay tuned!

Baltimore Pike - West Side of Media


  1. Interesting, Tedman--the ebb and flow of the commerical real estate market. Things real have
    changed since 2000.

    Also, talk Granite Run Mall might be on the block again. CVS in the mall closed in January. Not a good sign.

    1. The project was cancelled because the developers have no money an realized they could not make it happen.

  2. The Granite Run Mall is an eye sore and is useless. Why do we have to go all the way to glenn Mills or KOP to get some higher end shopping I love that borough is all local with wonderful restaurants, and I think it should stay that way, however the outskirts of media have some opportunity for development on a larger scale...