Sunday, February 12, 2012

Made in Media, PA: Honey!

Locally produced Honey - Media, PA
I typically don't make recommendations or endorsements, but if it's for a good cause or benefits Media, I'll be you biggest supporter.  In fact, I may have to step it up and freely promote these efforts on a regular basis.  A lot of people visit this site and there is plenty of room on the page to help the community in that respect.

A while back I wrote a post stating that not many things are made in Media anymore.  A 100 years ago, this town was self sufficient at producing, growing and making everything it essentially needed. A side from Bevan's candy,  I was hard pressed to find anything that even comes close to that now, but I did come across a small jar of locally produced raw honey by Noah Gress from Raindance Apiary.

Noah, from what I understand is a local farmer, but what I know is that he sure can make honey. I found this jar at 7 Stones Cafe in Media, but I believe it can also be found at the Swarthmore Co-op.  Be sure to pick up a Jar here in Media and help out the local businesses, I'll tell Natalie to stock up!


  1. Tedman, Noah's honey rocks we've been getting it for a couple years now. keep repping media and local producers.

    1. Carol from Springfield

      I can't say enough good things about your honey. My allergies are under control because of this great product.

      Thank you.