Sunday, February 12, 2012

Media Getty Gas Station........CLOSED!

Old gas pumps with hoses removed
I never really noticed because even when it was open, it never really seemed open.  Either way, the Getty station on Baltimore Pike is now closed.  I'm not sure long how long it's been like this or why it went out of business, but it sure was around a long time.  Like decades!

Throughout the years this place always sold gasoline but also dabbled in a Cajun food side business and before that a computer repair shop.  Both side services had their markets, but I guess just not paired with gasoline.  

I can't remember the last time I bought gas here, if ever, but by judging by the pumps, they were in need of an upgrade.  Lacking card readers, it looks like you had to pay inside regardless, which I'm sure was a major inconvenience. 

Broken Public Phone
I've yet to hear what the future holds for this site, but with a Sunoco Super Station across the street and a proposal for a Super Wawa in close proximity, it'll make for a tough sell for another gas station.  I hope something is decided soon, as the place looks abandoned and appears poorly secured.


  1. Inconvenience, yes. But they always had the cheapest gas in town.

  2. It's nick name is "Gettho Station" for a while now. Good thing it's going...

  3. Quizno's next to Starbucks closed as well

  4. The Starbucks customer parking suffocated the Quiznos. Not enough people could get in

    1. I can't stand parking for that Starbucks...not worth it.

  5. Why would you eat quiznos when there are plenty of mom and pop sandwich around anyway? Support local business!

  6. Brendan O'RiordanFebruary 17, 2012 at 7:18 PM

    Places to go now that Quizno's is closed:

    On A Roll Media (11 S. Orange Street)

    House, on S. Jackson near Baker Street

    Zac's Hamburgers, State and Orange Street

    Quotations, on State St across from Trader Joe's

    Planet Hoagie on State Street

  7. Quiznos was run poorly. I got food poisoning twice. Three years ago, an employee came running after me urging me to not eat that sandwich O just bought because he was ordered to scrape the mildew off it and use it (he quit; I made a photo of that sandwich).

    I think a NICE sandwich shop at that location is a good concept, Starbucks isn't really the place to go when you're hungry. But it has to be good (the food, not just the marketing).

  8. starbucks should just take over the whole thing...lets be honest, the only reason anybody goes there is for the coffee...its such a pain to get in and out of, nothing else is going to be able to survive there...

  9. Baltimore Pike is looking really desolate there days.