Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Community showing displeasure with Media Boro's lack of leadership

$$$ down the drain by the Media Boro. Democratic Majority
A letter to the Editor of the Daily Times this week shows further displeasure of Media Borough's handling of Third St. Bridge.  Lack of leadership from Borough Council at last week's meeting resulted in a request to PennDot to extend the deadline for a decision.  After 16 years, a CAC report, court order, resolutions from surrounding communities......and a request for an extension was needed?

These are the same political games played by the democratic majority that delayed the bridge for 16 years while accumulating costs in legal and engineering fees.  In 16 years the bridge sat closed, at least it didn't have traffic running over it which was almost as good as a greenway in the minds of the democratic majority. While closed, people could still walk across it and ride bikes, which is what the objective is for the petition that, then candidates, Brian Hall, Paul Robinson and Kent Davidson signed for the Friends of Glen Providence Park.   Had it not been for Pete Alyanakian and a bi-paritsan coalition, the media democrats would have happily left this issue tied up in the courts as it did for the last 16 years.

Had the bridge been fixed in 1996, it would have been $2 million less to repair than what it costs today!

The writer goes on to state:
 Do the right thing, Media Borough Council. Replace the dam, open the roadway to vehicular traffic and abide by the legal agreement. The Third Street bridge should never be a bridge to nowhere. 


  1. Elected officials are "hired" to make decisions. Decisions that are in the best interests of the people. The decision can not always be one that is accepted by everyone. I am one of those that support a bridge or dam with a roadway. I can accept that they make a decision for a greenway, what I can not accept is their inability to make a decision. The last council made a decision and moved this project forward.

    If these idiots can not do it they will not be "hired" again to do the job that they have shown they can not do. Just imagine if we had the same public scrutiny on all of the boroughs projects as we do for 3rd street. What other decisions can they not make? How much tax payer money have they wasted?

    In addition to their inability to make a decision they are putting the taxpayers of media on the hook for this project. If the funding is lost and Delware County and Broomall are successful in pushing the current stipulation forward the tax payers of media will be responsible for the lost funding from Penn Dot. How would you like that Media Borough Residents?

    By delaying this decision this will likely cost the taxpayers another $300,000. This figure is derived from the Cost estimate on the borough website stating a 5% per year project increase. I am not a borough resident but a resident of Delaware county and this is my money they are wasting.

    Hall, Robinson, and Davidson you will have some free time on your hand after the next election as you will not be "Hired" again.

    1. Hall, Robinson and Davidson have 3 1/2 more years on their term. It's Ms. Roe and Rehoric who will be out at the next election, as the rest of their "team" was at the last election. Without them, this whole 'dam thing' would not be the mess it has become.

  2. Michael Jordan, MediaApril 25, 2012 at 11:29 AM

    Brian Hall and Paul Robinson made a good decison by "holding back " a final decision on the Bridge Project until next month.

  3. Michael Jordan, are you not the author of the letter to the editor of the Delco times stating, "now we are in danger of having to give that money back due to inaction on this project."

    How can you state that Hall and Robinson made a good decision if their inaction causes the funding to be lost or delayed another 2 years. Their inaction, at a minimum, is costing taxpayers $300,000 if the project falls off the 2013 TIP. The next opening is not until 2015.

    All of these delays have resulted in increased costs. At some point something will have to be done, a decision will have to be made. Lets just hope that the dam does not fail and we do not have loss of life and or property damage. If that does happen will the current council claim responsiblity? Do they want that liability on their hands. Future delays only make that more probable.

  4. If the design is changed, who flips the bill for it? Will it cost the residents another "beer" each?

    1. That would be one expensive beer considering the current design plan is in excess of $400,000 and the majority of the work is complete and paid for.

      Under the current arrangments the majority of the design was covered under the TIP. The majority of the design work has been completed so they would need to re-design the entire project. By doing this the project will fall out of the 2013 TIP and into the 2015 TIP due to the delay. This will result in a minimum of $300,000 increase to the project cost as well as the redesign cost. The current design is estimated at $400K+ per the documents on the Media website.

      If you don't care about wasting taxpayer money than redesign the bridge. That just means there will be less money for other things like the school, raises for police, fire, EMT's and civil servants, business improvement, etc. Also, the TIP and grant from Senator Pileggi are hard dollars. They are not going to give more because Media wants to spend more.

  5. Brian Hall and Paul Robinson "holding off" the decision until May
    tells me that they are open to making the right decision on the Bridge Project. What is another month, after 16 years delay.

    1. Michael,

      I completely agree with you on that. I do not agree with a delay further than next month. What worries me is the request to PenDot to extend the deadline. If that happens and the project gets delayed another 2 years it is Hall and Robinson that will be on the recieving end of the backlash from residents of the borough for wasting taxpayer money, time, resources etc.

      Think of how much time, resources, money has been dedicated towards this bridge. Just imagine if we put those resourcs into making Media a better place to live, own a business, shop, dine, etc.

  6. A few points:

    1) Interesting with our fake Mr. Jordan posting on here.

    2) The real Mr. Jordan's letter attracted exactly ONE comment on the Daily Times' web site. That doesn't strike me as a "community" showing displeasure.

    3) Why should anybody treat anything done by the turncoat council of Pete Alyanakian as valid? Yeah, they voted a "bipartisan" agreement with Pete switching parties. If that was such a popular move, why did we vote in three Democrats by a 2:1 margin of Pete and our blogger Mr. O'Hara?

    I'd like to see the results of the survey before anybody jumps to any conclusions about what the "community" wants.

    For the record, I'm ok with a bridge or a greenway. I just don't want a dam on that creek under any circumstances. We can go round and round about the history of Broomall's Lake vs. the lack of public access to the lake, environmental impact of dams, overall extra expense added to the project by having a dam.

    In either case, the turncoat council of Pete Alyanakian never sent a survey to my mailbox to ask my opinion of that dam. That turncoat council's plan is going to knock down 70+ trees in the park.

    Ultimately, feel free to criticize the current council if they bury the survey results for their own agenda. If that survey indicates that the citizens of Media don't want the Alyanakian plan, then it is the duty of council to alter that plan.

    We need to see the survey results before the spoiled anti-council minorities on here can complain about the "community" being up in arms.

    1. media mike how do you spin the fact that this "turncoat" council voted unanimoS for the current agreement.....stein yes, Simpson yes, Williamson yes , rhetoric yes, roe yes. what new issue came about for them to change the vote now.? Nothing just democratic politics as usual. Sad for the boro....and costly for the boro and every resident if they try to break the court order.

    2. Media Mike, how many trees and pristine land was DESTROYED when Park's Edge Lane was constructed? Or do you live there?

      An for a survey, many people didn't receive them from Mr. Hall either. Why? THEY LOST THEM! They couldn't even get that right.

    3. I stand corrected on the prior council vote. I did not realize that it was unanimous. That begs the questions as to why 3 members who are new can out-vote 4 members who were on the council at the time of the original bridge vote/agreement. If those 4 were so steadfast in their support of the original plan, why haven't they voted in that way now?

  7. "Media Mike" doesn't know all the facts. Or he wouldn't be making such unfounded statements. Stein,yes to aggreement. Williamson, yes. Simpson, yes. All true Democrats. I always thought when you signed off on a legal agreement, it meant something. Especially, when it was approved by a Common Pleas judge.