Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Clock Ticking on Commitments Needed From Borough Council for Third St. Bridge

Interesting article reported this week by the Media Town Talk that raised questions on the borough's commitments towards the Third St. Bridge.  Sidney New, PennDot representative  is quoted in the article while addressing borough council, ".....we haven't gotten much done."

He went on to comment, “It’s good for PennDOT to see progress. But when a project drags, PennDOT will give someone else the money,” said New. (Media Town Talk article: Push On For Media Third Street Project Work To Begin, by Susan Serbin)

Third St. Bridge Renderings
Borough council had an opportunity to sort out design, landscaping and aesthetics months ago, but instead lead people to believe there was interest in their petition signed greenway idea, knowing full well a court order stated otherwise. They never even communicated to the other stake holders (Delco county and BLCC) that they were actively seeking changes to the signed agreement, until two weeks before their final vote.  

Only after months, of what can be considered unneeded committee meetings, discussions and a borough wide survey for a greenway; did borough council finally announce through their vote that there was nothing they could do to alter the original agreement.

For borough council who stated that after the conclusion of their vote back in April that the design phase was just in the first inning; well, Penndot seems to think it's in the eight and Media has nothing to show on the board.


  1. Nice try Tedman but it looks like the mighty Tedman has struck out as he often does.

    1. Tedman stuck out? Are you crazy. Babe Ruth struck out more than he hit, and he is in the Hall of Fame. Tedman is not always right. But he is out there swinging mightly. He gets hyper local info to us like no one else. Keep swinging, Tedman.