Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's Sunday Morning 6-24-12 - Media in Two Minutes

First off, I want to thank the Daily Times for spotlighting this site as "blog of the week."  I've been doing this for almost 3 years and Phil Heron and the Daily Times have been a great supporter since practically day one.  Get involved!
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Also, thanks to the readers and commemorators who have participated in helping Amanda with her project to raise money and awareness for a cause here in Media.  You still have until this Thursday to submit a idea for what you think would benefit a group/cause/idea.  Winner will get a Kindle Fire.

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Okay, now to the news this week:

Trader Joes Shopping Carts:
Again, today there was a TJ's shopping cart turned over on its side and sitting in the shrubs outside of the TD Bank (Baltimore Ave. and Monroe).  I personally returned it and asked an employee if this was becoming a problem for them.  She stated she didn't know it to be one, but was thankful for the return.   I still don't know if this all of a sudden just started happening again, or if it's been ongoing and I haven't noticed.

Media's Proposed Super Wawa:
Wawa has begun an ad campaign of sorts to promote what it feels are important reasons why the borough should have a new store at the site of the former Media Inn.  You may have seen the brochure, but if not, you can view it from a prior piece done last week.

ATMpa Poll on this site
As of today, our informal poll shows 132 votes.  ~85% of which view this new store in a favorable way.  If not a presentation by Wawa and MRE at July's Borough Council meeting, there should be atleast an announcement of the latest developments.  From people I've talked to who are close to the matter; their not clear if they will get approval from Borough Council to do a 15 minutes presentation on July 19th.  We will see what develops.

Media Borough Council's lack of attendance and attention:
As I wrote this week, this continues to be a problem that no one is addressing.  It's not just Eric Stein, there is at least another person who hasn't consistently shown up to a position that they are being paid for.
Media Business Authority - Meeting Minutes May 2012

How Much is too Much?:
At last week's borough council meeting, Mayor Bob McMahon announced that the Discovery Channel was interested in shooting a portion of their show, Today in America hosted by Terry Bradshaw.  I've never heard or seen the show, but it's nice for this group to consider Media for filming.  
How much is this show worth to Media, PA?

What I'm not clear on is how much this will cost the borough.  I received a few emails from readers who stated this could be as much as $20k.  I will look into that, but if this is going to cost taypayers $20k for a 5 minute clip as reported by Media Patch, I could see why residents are fired up and emailing me.  This is still developing.

Did You Know?
At one time, Media had its own fireworks display held at Glen Providence Park.  It went on for many years and was a showcase event up until it was discontinued in 1986.  Check out the story!

Media had fireworks in Glen Providence Park up until 1986

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  1. I'll video tape Media Borough in 3D for a bargain price of $500. Why does a washed up, hall of fame, concussion-headed football quaterback Terry Bradshaw think he can soft touch us for 20K. For what?