Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's Sunday Morning 6-3-12 - Media in Two Minutes

With the start of June comes seasonal events that have become quite popular throughout the years.  Here's this month's list.

  • 47th Annual Art Exhibit and Craft Fair (June 3rd).  47 years is quite a good run and this event is as popular as ever.
  • Blues Stroll June 9th.  This event is in its 12 year! Congratulations to the event planners for the great organization and awesome talent year after year.   Check out their site, they can always use help setting up that day.
  • Media 5 Mile Race:  Friday, June 15th.  If you want to run in it, you'll have to wait until next year.  The race is sold out, but watching the race is just as fun.  Swing into the borough that night; you'll see what I mean.
Restaurant Scene:
It's stood the test the time.  I don't know exactly how long, but it must be going on 25 years that O'malley's has been around.  I remember getting water ice there during high school, and that's been quite some time ago.  Excellent selection, quick service and right in the heart of Media.

Media Borough:
It's one thing to get a decision wrong, it's entirely different category when no one shows up: Media Borough Council doesn't seem to care....doesn't even show up. And people wonder why it took 16 years to get a bridge fixed.

RTM School Board approves new $83.1million budget.  No program cuts, but a 1.7% tax increase.  Media Patch covers the story.
Hours of Operation: This would be helpful in Media.

Parking Meters:
Every weekend and even some weekday nights, someone is always asking if they need to feed the parking meters.  With as many people that come into town for shopping and dining, it might be helpful to make the hours of parking meter operation better known.  West Chester has helpful stickers.

 Did you know? Campbell AME Chuch - West 3rd St.
Did you know that Cambell AME Church on West 3rd St. had a Chicken and Rib BBQ benefit yesterday?  I didn't either, but you will next time.  While walking up Olive Street I came upon the event and was greeted by James who was part of the church.  He told me they were hosting the event to raise some money and build awareness about the church and congregation.  If I wasn't in the middle of a jog/walk, I'd have sat down and learned more.   The food looked great!

These are the types of events Media is all about, and what a great church too.  Hopefully they'll let me know about the next gathering so we can get more people out.  In the meantime, stop down and ask for James, they'd love you to see their church and what they are all about.
Campbell AME Church - 33 West 3rd St. Media, PA


  1. Stickers is a great idea. But then again it will take 16 years and a survey.

  2. Brendan ORiordanJune 3, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    Whenever I am out walking and people ask me if they should put money in the meter, I reply "I don't know," regardless of day or time. If people from out of town want to put money in those meters in off hours, that means more money for the Borough. Media has enough of a draw that people won't stop coming here because the meters aren't stickered. In the last couple of years metal signs were posted indicating hours of operation of the meters. The extra cash makes up for the people who park two feet off the curb or take up two spots, not to mention the classic three-point or U-turns in the middle of State Street or Orange Street.

  3. Brendan ORiordanJune 3, 2012 at 11:55 AM

    Ted, did the AME Church have the block barricaded or did they have the event behind the Church? I wasn't on Olive St yesterday to see for myself. I live in the general vicinity of the church and no flyers were handed out ahead of the event. Not sure how they promoted. It is good to have organizations in town like this. I believe a lot of former Media residents come into town for services there. Another block north on Olive there is a second AME Church. Not sure if they were once part of the same congregation or not.