Friday, June 1, 2012

Media Borough Council doesn't seem to care....doesn't even show up.

Lost opportunity
Neglect it and it'll go away seems to be the mantra of Media Borough Council and the lack of management towards the Media Business Authority.  I was shocked to have learned that MBA liason, Councilman Eric Stein showed up to only half of the scheduled MBA meetings in 2011.  However, Council President Brian Hall and borough council thought that attendance record must have been okay since they re-appointed him AGAIN IN 2012.  Turns out, based on MBA meeting minutes, Mr. Stein has yet to show up to a meeting in 2012!!!  Since we're on the topic of "attendance" where's the Media borough Treasurer, Peter Williamson been who collects $5,000 for the position?  I've not seen him attend meetings either.

In January, Councilman Kent Davidson was openly quoted as saying he would not reappoint anyone to the MBA who had missed multiple meetings, yet no word or statements towards Mr. Stein's situation. And there probably won't be as he failed to address the issue back in January 2012. Either Media Borough Council is letting this happen, or they aren't paying attention enough to care.  Both bad situations for the borough, residents and business community.

Regardless of your views, I think everyone can agree that not showing up for your job shows a total disregard for the position.  A position in this case, that oversees a committee with a yearly budget from the borough of somewhere around $78,000. Media has to wonder where $78,000 is going when borough council doesn't even have a liaison that shows up to attend meetings. 

It again comes down to leadership and transparency, or lack thereof.  The MBA has been challenged with membership and retention, to an otherwise well run organization advocating a vibrant business community.  Unfortunately, if Borough Council isn't upholding their obligations of showing up to meetings, how's anyone to believe they're up for governing the borough!

Last year the Brandwine CVB graciously contributed $20,000 towards Media for events and marketing.  That not only made an impact, but allowed the borough to boost attendance at State St. events.  One of the more notable ones that comes to mind is the Hot Rod show last July.  A car show may draw a selective audience, but that was one of the better shows I can remember Media having.  Media's has had car shows over the years, but not until the CVB helped out, did that show go to an entirely bigger level of popularity.

Will the Brandywine CVB contribute as generously this year to Media?  No word yet, but why would they?  Not only has Media borough played loose with $78,000 by failing to have a liaison overlooking and helping this committee, but are also showing potential marketing partners that they got better things to do than have people spend money on promoting our community and small businesses.


  1. They think their jobs and Media are untouchable. I think they are still patting themselves on their back for doing such a fine job with the 3rd street bridge. Insert sarcasm here. Media has come a long way in the past few years, but so did Manayunk and well Manayunk is all but forgotten about for night life nowadays. If Media isn't gracious for what they have, they will soon have without.

  2. "Do as I say, not as I do"

  3. Cause going to those meetings is all that is involved with politics?

    Networking occurs all the time.

  4. Come on Tedman. How many meetings did Pete A miss in his tenure? Lets get real.

    1. and he was subsequently voted out of office. So tell us, how should we treat this situation?