Friday, June 22, 2012

Winner of the Kindle Fire will be announced Thursday 6/28

You still have time to win a Kindle Fire.  Comment on a cause you think is worthy of a fundraiser, and you're eligible to win.  The contest will close on Thursday, June 28th with a the winner announced shortly thereafter.

Thanks for the support and great ideas from readers.  Also, a big thanks for spreading the word from Media Patch and 


  1. I think a community arts center would greatly stimulate many aspects of the Media/Delaware County community. It would be especially used to host/promote live music productions, but also support artistic endeavors in all forms of media (paintings, video, sculptures). Essentially, a hub of culture tuned-in to the DIY and emerging artists in our very own community.

  2. Media has a great need for low income housing, now that the Media Inn is gone!

  3. Alex's Lemonade is a great cause for fundraising. It is my desire to bring back the "Media Kids" Alex's Lemonade stand at the next Super Sunday event in the fall. This event has been organized three times during Super Sunday in the past and has raised nearly $10,000 to fight childhood cancer.

    You might recall all the little cheerleaders in yellow making A LOT of noise in support of their cause! The kids were so enthusiastic and passionate because they did all the work, they raised a lot of money, and they learned how important it is to help others.

    That is exactly why I believe the Media Kids Super Sunday Alex's Lemonade stand is a worthy cause. Not only does the event raise money, but it helps our children learn the importance of community service. I have been asked over and over again by kids who have participated and kids who were unable to attend if we could do it again. My kids are teens now so, I am wondering, are there any parents of young children who would be willing to take the reigns and continue this great event?

  4. Great ideas, everyone! Thank you for spending the time to think about our community.

    And the winner is....
    Neil - Great ideas! You are right - Everybody wins with The Big Community Carnival! Or Fair? I love the idea that we can invite multiple local organizations to participate and generate fundraising while at the same time holding a family friendly event. It will be a huge undertaking, but I am ready to put my time where my mouth is and work to facilitate this event and enroll the town to get involved and have fun creating change. Thank you for your contribution! Enjoy your kindle!

    Neighbors, my goal is to continue working on bringing these ideas alive through a collective of volunteers called Media PA Matters. I am working on developing a website to collect suggestions like YOURS in an ongoing fashion. Voting will be enabled on the website, and the NEXT project will be determined by votes. In the meantime, if you would like to contact me to volunteer your time and brainpower, please feel free to contact me at

    Thank you, and see you at the fair!

  5. Low income housing in Media? May I live to see the day. It isn't going to happen. Too many commerical interests are against it. If I wasn't living in Media now, I couldn't afford to move here. Although I have thought of moving to Delaware to get away from
    the RTM school board ever esclating increases.