Thursday, July 19, 2012

Borough Council approves deal to work with company investigated and fined for improper business conduct.

An investigation by the Florida Attorney General, nor multiple complaints by businesses and towns wasn't enough for Media to discontinue discussions with "Today in America" producers.  In fact, council elected to begin work with this group at a reported $19,800 for 5 minutes of video.

As America's first Fair Trade town, what kind of message does tonight's decision send about acceptance of unethical business practice of the company sited in the attorney general's report? Or that this "infomercial" wasn't even sent out to bid or local business considered in doing the filming?

Media was led to believe the this town was uniquely picked as a special place that  would be narrated by a well known celebrity, what it's getting is a costly, infrequently aired infomercial  from a company with a track record of misleading vulnerable towns and businesses.  Media has become the victim of a cleverly packaged sales pitch to people caught up in their own agendas.  

It's no wonder why no one has heard or seen this show before.....just look at the airing schedule.  No one would mistake this schedule as prime time hours.  I wonder if it'll even  be carried in the great Philadelphia viewing area where the target audience focus should be.  Do you really think people in places like Oklahoma City and Evansville will like this infomercial so much that they'll come specifically to Media?  

Did Media Borough council just spend ~$20k in taxpayer money on nothing more than Youtube videos?

Scheduling snippet


  1. sources please?

  2. Do they realize Media has film producers/makers IN Media? Shouldn't they hire "home grown" film producers?

  3. The $19,800 is basically paying for the air time this infomercial (it is definitely not a television "show") has been promised to receive from the company behind it. From what I have read, however, the air times are not ideal and the channels on which this would air are in small TV markets.

    I do not support this decision, because the money could have been spent on launching a YouTube channel for the borough and paying a local production company (I can think of at least two whose proprietors live in the Borough) to come up with a promo for the town.

    I just don't understand the reasoning behind this decision. Is someone from god knows where Minnesota going to see this infomercial and think "Oh I have to go there!"? Last I checked we don't have a plethora of abandoned storefronts on State Street and houses routinely sell for much greater than comparable properties outside the Borough.

  4. FAIL: The Continuous Saga of Media Borough Democrats - Chapter XXXII - "How we threw away money for a silly infomercial"

    I think Vince from Sham-wow has more credibility than the company hoodwinking the town out of their funds. Now literally thousands of late-late night viewers nationwide will see Media Borough compete with the likes of the mighty Slap-Chop, the Sticky Buddy, the Shake Weight, and my personal favorite, the Comfort Wipe.

    The only way these infomercials gain traction is if this guy makes a parody:

  5. It is a disgrace. Perfect example of blaming the messenger.

  6. This reminds me of that classic episode of 'The Simpsons' where the town was suckered into buying a monorail by a fast-talking salesman.

    For posterity's sake, please tell me the infomercial salesman got council to break into show tunes before voting for this!

  7. Tedman, lets talk about the $4000 sign on the parking garage that Pete A had to have! Now that was a waste of money.

  8. Hey Media, you told us we had no business regarding the third St bridge and we should get our own police dept. Now you want to pick pocket our school district coffers for your tv show.

    Tisk, tisk.

    Proud resident of Middletown.

  9. You're right, when someone from out of town Googles "Media, PA" the only thing they should find is this blog full of residents bitching and complaining about everything. Awesome.

  10. Actually, YouTube would generate more views than this ever will.

    There's a sucker born every day. And there will always be people out there who feast on the type of individuals that think this is a good idea. Feast.

  11. Media Patch reports:

    Media resident Paul Indorf also said he was in favor of the project.

    Glad to see he checked in on the project. That gives it credibility.

  12. P.T. Barnum would make a fortune in Media. It is EASY for our dopey Mayor to play the sucker with other people's money. I don't see him putting any money up. He ain't that DOPEY.

  13. I just dont understand what Media gains from doing this? Can somebody in support of the show explain what Media has to gain?

  14. Noam Chomsky has been on State Street filming.
    His video was near the top of Google searches.
    Number of solutions promoted on Allthingsmedia = Zero.
    And Media continues to grow and prosper under the current leadership.

    1. ...says a resident Democrat cheerleader...

  15. The might as well waste this money for the half-backed borough website to get it finished. A $20 ad like this is like a bridge to nowhere in Alaska.
    That's what happens if you let a bunch of business unsavy lawyers pull the purse strings!

  16. Media Borough:
    Instead of 3rd Street Bridge, how about a video of the Brooklyn Bridge, taken by Terry Bradshaw. $19K. No COD's, please. While supplies last. (Will include signed photo of TB, for an extra $1,500.)