Thursday, July 19, 2012

Borough Council shouldn't forget that Good Business Ethics Matter

I'm travelling abroad, but read in an article a few minutes ago that Mayor, Bob McMahon still feels that entering into an agreement with  "Today in America" is sound judgement and that the due diligence was appropriate.  Let's forget for a moment that $19,800 for 5 minutes of video is a rip-off and extremely unpopular with Media Taxpayers.

What I'd like to know is why does the Mayor and Media borough council feel we need this service so soon and with a shady corporation? Especially with a business that is currently being investigated by Florida Attorney General.  This isn't a show as people are led to believe it is, it's a paid for infomercial at best.  That being that the case, why wouldn't this go out to bid for someone local to shoot 5 minutes of video?    Did borough council and the mayor discuss with this company that they are being investigated?  What was there response?  Do you think anyone on borough council would allow for someone to work on their home, business, etc. if the knowingly knew the entity they were working with was being  investigated by state authorities?  I think the answer is no, so why is Media borough proceeding in this manner?

What happened to honest, integrity and business conduct when dealing with borough interest?  It's too bad the mayor thinks that glitz and glamour is more important that sound, ethical business practice.


  1. I am sure there are plenty of local people with the knowlege, equipment, and time to do this for much less than these people. I would also like to know why they feel we need to have this done.

  2. Don't they have a rule requiring competitive bidding on contracts?

  3. If the borough is so concerned about saving money then I have a point to make: why spend all that money on the streetscape project (remember, about 8-10 years ago)? ESPECIALLY since they decided to use that fake pink colored brick. It is so cheesy. Originally, they were supposed to use a darker red, authentic brick (like over by the Plumstead Inn) along with new granite curbs. My thing is either do it right or literally don't do it at all. To dumb down the bricks and eliminate the granite curbs destroyed the whole effect. Would have been better to just keep it as grass and save the borough tax revenue. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

  4. Let Mayor Bob spend his own money on this video. And see if he still thinks it is a good deal.
    Not money from the Rose-Tree School District, which is the taxpayers' money. And not just the taxpayers in Media Borough.

  5. They are suppose to which makes this whole thing even more peculiar. They are suppose to vote on this at tonight's meeting.