Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Sunday 7-29-12 Media in Two Minutes

It's Sunday 7-29-12 - Media in Two Minutes

For the lazy days of Summer, there seems to be a lot going on. Some good, some not so good.  Either way it's Media in Two Minutes which people seem to enjoy as I try to give a weekly update on what's going on in and around Media.  However, be advised I will be traveling again so there won't be a post for next Sunday August 5th.

Ok, Let's go!

Update on Upper Providence BB shootings:
I spoke to someone on the UP police force who told me the investigation is continuing, though no further incidents have been reported.  It's been at least two weeks since the attacks, so perhaps this may have been just an isolated incident involving careless kids.  Hopefully they will be brought to justice at some point, but kudos to the Upper Providence Police force for keeping on top of this.

Media Little League State Champs:
This is big news in our area with the Media Little League (9-10 year olds) winning the state championship.  They are off to the regionals with their next game tomorrow.  You can follow live updates of their progress and real time game coverage on their Twitter feed.
Web site:
The Tournament:

Rose Tree Colts football and cheerleading sign-ups:
This is a great program that's doing a lot of great things. This organization has been around since 1955!
  • In person registration for football/cheerleading and equipment distribution is at the clubhouse - July 31, Aug 1st and 2nd from 6-8p
  • First practice for all teams will be Aug 6th. 
Billboards on Interstate 95 to promote Media:
I wanted recognize the Media Business Authority and their Vice President, Loic Barnieu putting together arrangements that will include advertising on Interstate 95 by the 420 exit.  It looks to be a good value that has impact towards promotion of the borough.

Super Wawa, Will it Happen?
rendering of proposed Super Wawa

A majority of the people seem to be in favor of this development and I've heard Jeff Smith has been receiving a fair amount of emails regarding the matter.  There will be a few public meetings on this in the very near future.  I'll be sure to post them as they become available.

Again, this project or lack thereof, will define the gateway to Media.  Participation is important and will most likely define what ultimately happens here.

Media's Logo Police:
It's bad enough that new businesses here in Media have to have their logos scrutinized by a council president who may not happen to like it.  It's also a bad reflection on this town when businesses complain about the manner in which it was handled. There are far too many important matters that need to be resolved, than to engage in petty, non-issues.

$20,000, 5 minute Taxpayer Infomercial brought to you by Mayor Bob McMahon
I'm not going to get into an in-depth discussion about this now, as I'll post something later today or tomorrow.  However, the RTM officials and the Brandywine CVB are not amused by what's come to light in the last few days regarding this deal and the money they've been asked to contribute.

For the taxpayers and small businesses in town who contacted me about this, I did send a formal email to Mayor Bob McMahon and cc'd Borough Manager, Jeff Smith on Tuesday requesting this project be halted.  I stated the many well know reason for this request in my email.  As of today, I still have not gotten a response.....and I expect one.

To date, I still can't find anyone who's heard of this show, let a lone seen it.
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mayor Bob McMahon

Dear Mayor,

On behalf of the concerned taxpayers of Media who have contacted me, and adjacent communities who have serious reservations with dealing with ‘Today in America’ and affiliate creative producers; I respectfully request  the Media borough cease further business dealings and transfer of payment to this group effective immediately.

This request is based on the following findings:

  1. Associate producers of ‘Today in America’ production have had been investigated and fined by the Florida Attorney General and reported on by news outlets such as CBS Money Watch and the New York Times for misleading numerous towns and businesses.   The complaints against this organization are many and well documented.  What we were led to believe by this group was a “special opportunity,” is turning out to be nothing more than a sales pitch for an infomercial that may have been hastily acted on.

    As America’s First Fair Trade town, It is unbecoming of Media as a leader in principled business conduct, to engage with organizations who have been publicly been investigated and fined for unscrupulous business practices.  Especially, for Media to entertain their services while other, local companies were not given a chance.
  2. This project which entails the filming of and producing video of Media and the surrounding communities for the approximate sum of $20,000, did not go out to bid.  I would request a RFP be drafted and announced in order to solicit the best value for taxpayers, as well as, offering local businesses in the area a chance to participate in this effort.  We should be supporting our local businesses with every opportunity we have, and this would be the right thing to do for those who rely on the local economy.

I also plan to share these requests with officials from the Brandywine CVB and Rose Tree Media School board, who have been requested by Media to partially fund this effort.

Everyone wants to see Media and our communities showcased in the best format, for the best value, while reaching the broadest audience.  However, In good faith to the community, it’s also expected this been done in a fair manner with organizations who share our ethics, while encouraging and promoting our local businesses who can provide these services.

I, as well as, the taxpayers and small businesses of this community look forward to your response.

With regards,

Tedman O’Hara
Did you know?
Through out the week I try to come up with a "did you know" segment about Media that people will find interesting.  Some weeks they are easy to come up with, others not so easy.
Anyway, with the recent shortage of rain I've been wondering how close we are to a water restriciton due to a pending drought.  Having lived here long enough I can tell you it's close based on the level of the Springton Lake Resivour.
Did you know the Lake was this low?
Springton Lake level 7-28-12


  1. The infomercial on Media smells of kickback money. There's no other real good reason to move on this. Bob needs to rethink this "publicity".

  2. Maybe if the Upper Providence police force would do something like patrol rather than speed trap all day they might solve some crimes.

    1. Mike they had three cars pulled over near the Sunoco the other day. They are all about making MONEY!