Saturday, July 28, 2012

Read This.....Delaware County Literacy Council Awareness

Local newspaper editor for the Daily Times, Phil Heron hosted a meeting last week with Susan Keller from the Delaware County Literacy Council.  I've been to many meetings Phil routinely holds, but this one was quite special.  As we sat and discussed with Susan about the Literacy Council's efforts and challenges, it really hit home how important it is to have the ability to just read.  I learned about many here in Delaware County who can't or have low reading abilities and need help.

I was recently in Europe and can completely understand how hard it is when one can't read, write or even speak a language.  I was at the mercy of those who spoke enough english to get me through, but I didn't like the feeling of vulnerably of not being able to communicate effectively, or at all.  ATMs have an "English" button, however;  gas pumps, tolls and the everyday things we take for granted can be a mystery when you can't read.

Where I saw the real detrements from Susan's description of her students, was the humiliation and lack of confidence they felt from not being able to read.  I took a look at a few of the Youtube vidoes which give a raw understanding of how debilitating illiteracy can be.  One woman said she was afraid to go to church for bible study because she was concerned she'd be picked to read, when she didn't feel she could.  Another told of how she demoted herself from a job because she couldn't comprehend large words.

As sad as these stories are, it's good to know that the Literacy Council is doing everything they can to help.  If you'd like to get involved, there are plenty volunteer opportunities and a couple dollar donation goes a long way.

To help raise awareness for Delco's Literacy Council, I wanted to let people know that we will be doing a live internet broadcast, "Live From the Newsroom"on Wednesday, Sept. 12th, from 5-7 pm at their offices at 2217, Providence Avenue in Chester.  I'll provide more information on this as the date draws closer.

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