Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's Sunday 8-19-12......Media In Two Minutes


7th Annual Tug McGraw Fundraiser for Brain Cancer
Today, Sunday Aug. 19th is the 7th Annual Tug McGraw fundraiser at the Plumstead Inn in Media, PA.  The generosity of the community always makes this a successful event, and is always appreciated.  Great job by the organizers!

Unruly Behavior at Media Elementary Playground during off-hours:
Both the Media Police and RTM School Board have been notified about this situation. I don't know for sure if there is a designated security guard designated for the playground, but I'll find out.

Please report any issues to Media Police by calling 911.

My Three Sons Hot Dogs:
I thought the store name coming to the West side of State St. was Haute Dog, but it looks based on a reader's comment, it's called My Three Sons Hot Dogs.  Here's what we can expect..... that the "cats out of the bag"........My Three Sons Hot Dogs will open the first week of October and will be open late (referring to the anonymous post above). AND will open with a BANG-----Celebrity Hot Dog Eating Contest on State Street!!!

Don't ask me HOW I know - - I just do................

Offering made-to-order, out of the ordinary, scrumptious, distinctive “haute” dogs. Customers will travel 50 miles for their weekly frankfurter-fix, and the foodie who will speedily become a Raving-Fan of My Three Son’s Dogs! You can park right out front in their dedicated parking lot, you walk in and are instantly consumed by the tangy aroma of long hot peppers and broccoli rabe frying; your senses are besieged by the pungent smell of the sharp provolone cheese and all beef frankfurters!

The passionately animated manager ("retired Doctor") greets you with a smile and offers you a sample of the newest haute-dog addition------you choose to be a little risqué—you are attracted to the “MADONE” Dog with spinach sauteed in garlic and white white and topped with sharp Italian provolone from South Philly!!

My Three Sons Dogs: truly dedicated to matchless, unusual, exceptional frankfurters!

WOWWWWWWWWWWW---now this is definitely NOT Jimmy Johns as they will offer fresh ingredients, all-beef hotdogs, distinct toppings, service excellence, and recognition that the goal of the company is to have customer service that is not just the best - - but legendary.

Hurry up - - - I can't wait!!!

Last week the Media Business Authority voted in favor of bringing the proposed Wawa to Media at the site of the former Media Inn.  That's pretty big news and shows some leadership that we haven't seen from borough council.  Well done, MBA!

There's still a lot left to go and some changes needed, but despite borough council's displeasure towards this project, I am optimistic we will see a Super Wawa.

Timely information on serious issues
I've not heard anything regarding the continued investigation regarding the BB shootings that occurred in Upper Providence last month.  Nor has anything else developed from burglary that occurred in the Bowling Green section of Upper Providence or the incident across town at 5th and Lemon.  Kudos to Upper Providence for at least distributing flyers to residents in the vicinity of where the burglary occurred.  We don't have that type of service in Media.

Had I not reported the incident back on July 25th regarding the attempted burglary at 5th and Lemon, you wouldn't have widely heard about it until the mayor mentioned it at last week's borough council meeting.  For borough residents to have to wait  3 weeks until this type of information is reported, has to change.

Your hosts, the Media Democrats
Third Street Bridge
I really can't tell if the lack of progress on the Third St. Bridge  is due to ineptness or a calculated stall tactic by borough council.  I suppose Penndot is thinking the same thing as they've urged this council to take action or risk losing funding. If this funding is lost the bridge won't be built.  However,  council members Brian Hall, Kent Davidson and Paul Robinson would have fulfilled the petition they signed by delivering a sort of greenway I suppose, albeit a natural and dangerous one.

Media may be the only town in America with a project fully funded to remediate a potentially dangerous situation, and not have the leadership abilities to make it happen. 

Media Post Office
With email, paying bills online and pressure from the likes of Fedex, the post offices around the county are slowly becoming a victim of the connected economy.  Sadly, it seems our post office in Media is suffering from these challenges and am told recently made reductions in staff and hours.  I'm interest to see where all this goes in the next few years.

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  1. Not sure why the commenter had to throw a dig in at Jimmy Johns but she should make the distinction if she is referring to the national chain Jimmy Johns, or the one and only Jimmy Johns Pipin' Hot in West Chester (opened in 1940).

    Thank goodness we can park right in front. I was ridiculously thinking of walking four blocks to get there.