Saturday, August 18, 2012

What's next for Media's Post Office?

I'm hearing reports that the Media Post Office is making reductions to its operational hours and services.  Most noticeable are the cuts in the clerk force, which have led to long lines and delays in service.  It appears PO Box mail is not getting sorted in a timely matter  and bulk mail has been directed to the Lindberg Blvd. office in Philadelphia.

Media Post on the corner of Monroe St. and Baltimore Pike
If Media's mail is being routed out of the Lima office, as I've been told, but haven't confirmed, then what lies ahead for this post office and building?  In 1969 the post office was relocated from 1 West State St. (Spasso's restaurant) to where it is now after the borough sold them the land.  In retrospect, where the post office is now may have made for an ideal location for a municipal parking lot;  alleviating parking issues on the eastern end of the business district.  Depending on what happens to the post office, that may be a future possibility.


  1. Maybe the Post Office will have to go to the Granite Run Mall when that unfortunate business bites the dust!

  2. nobody wants a parking garage at the site of the post office...that is just nonsense...

  3. All mail delivered in the 19063 zip area is worked out of Media Pa.Lima facility has been closed for nearly a year.Wallingford now comes from Chester,Springfield from Lansdowne.
    Window hours and staff have been reduced.Causing even further decline of revenue.
    The big Postal change coming to Media and towns like it throughout America is mail will no longer delivered to your door/porch.
    You will have to walk to corner to pick up mail from cluster unit.
    This has been passed by Congress..with GOP support and awaits Senate vote.
    This is not a rumor but reality.Check with your local Rep and ask where he Stands.
    The Postal service has put away 45 BILLION dollars in for future retiree health benefits.
    No other fed agency or corp.faces such a burden.
    5.5 billion a year...without this the Postal service would have made a profit.
    Destroying good jobs....breaking the name of Smaller govt
    The USPS receives NO TAX dollars.