Thursday, August 9, 2012

Media's next eatery: Hot dogs by……..Haute dog

Haute Dog
The vacant pet store (since moved to Jackson St.) on the west side of State Street has been unoccupied for sometime, but apparently not for much longer.  It looks like this space may also see “dogs;” not yellow labradors and schnauzers, but hot dogs!   The area’s best known hot dog stand is without doubt, Jimmy Johns; but it looks like competition is about to setup here in Media.

I’m not familiar with Haute Dog or their operations, though it’s always nice to see new businesses enter the borough.  As for the West side of town, I think the biggest challenge for retail businesses there is getting exposure and consistent foot traffic.  Desert Rose has excellent food and a great place to enjoy it, so I’m hopeful a little synergy from Haute Dog brings business to both on that side of town.

I don't have a time-frame on the store's opening, but I would expect to see something in the coming months.


  1. I hope they are open late. The later the better.

  2. that the "cats out of the bag"........My Three Sons Hot Dogs will open the first week of October and will be open late (referring to the anonymous post above). AND will open with a BANG-----Celebrity Hot Dog Eating Contest on State Street!!!

    Don't ask me HOW I know - - I just do................

    Offering made-to-order, out of the ordinary, scrumptious, distinctive “haute” dogs. Customers will travel 50 miles for their weekly frankfurter-fix, and the foodie who will speedily become a Raving-Fan of My Three Son’s Dogs! You can park right out front in their dedicated parking lot, you walk in and are instantly consumed by the tangy aroma of long hot peppers and broccoli rabe frying; your senses are besieged by the pungent smell of the sharp provolone cheese and all beef frankfurters!

    The passionately animated manager ("retired Doctor") greets you with a smile and offers you a sample of the newest haute-dog addition------you choose to be a little risqué—you are attracted to the “MADONE” Dog with spinach sauteed in garlic and white white and topped with sharp Italian provolone from South Philly!!

    My Three Sons Dogs: truly dedicated to matchless, unusual, exceptional frankfurters!

    WOWWWWWWWWWWW---now this is definitely NOT Jimmy Johns as they will offer fresh ingredients, all-beef hotdogs, distinct toppings, service excellence, and recognition that the goal of the company is to have customer service that is not just the best - - but legendary.

    Hurry up - - - I can't wait!!!

  3. Thanks for the update and welcome to Media!