Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's Sunday 9-2-2012......Media in Two Minutes


The "Other" Mexican restaurant......Ariano's
This is a pleasant surprise to an otherwise well represented Mexican food source of Dos Gringo's and Diego's Cantina.  Yes, Ariano's has Mexican food on the menu, but it's only on Mondays.  I was there last Monday and the place was packed.  Check it out.

The Great Media Garage Sale - September 8th and 9th (9am to 4pm)
Sometimes it seems that unless there is a banner posted on each end of town, I never know when events are going on in Media.  Well, as a reminder, take note that the Great Media Garage Sale is on for Saturday and Sunday (Sept 8th, 9th) from 9am to 4pm.  With weather always a factor, check back for announcements.

This event has taken place over the last 26 years.  Some years are better than others regarding selection and turn-out, though I'm not sure why that is.  Anyway, come on out and try your barter skills, as there's something for everyone at a garage sale this large.

Media Elementary Update and Tracking:
This could have been the biggest issue and challenge of 2012, but the RTM schoolboard has not only been proactive, but very attentive to the needs required to make a temporary residence at the Nativity School next year.  This week there was a concern that demolition was set to begin to make way for the new condos on S. Edgemont.  The issue being that with this work going on for construction/demolition  school buses and school related traffic may be obstructed from getting in an out of the school.  The school board was notified and are looking into it.  We'll keep an eye on any further developments.

Third Street Bridge Fiasco
Web services provided by Councilman Kent Davidson.
He owns Market Acumen, Inc.
Last week Councilman Kent Davidson was found to be providing a website and associated services to Friends of the Glen Providence Park.  A group actively lobbying him on a $3.4 million decision regarding Third Street Bridge.  This not only shows a preferred treatment and favoritism to a specific interest; much of which he, Brian Hall and Paul Robinson have done all along, but probably betrays the oath he took to represent the community fairly and without bias.  He can go on and try to deflect the blatant conflict of interest by blaming me, but the truth of the matter is he didn't disclose this until he got caught.  Also, he's and elected official over seeing a decision on a $3.4 million project......I'm not.

I've sent an email to Jeff Smith requesting a full investigation into the matter.  I would hope atleast someone on borough council would step up and denounce this type of conduct.

With regard to the bridge project sliding backwards due to indecision, It's interesting that Mayor Bob McMahon and company could over look every red flag (complaints, investigations,fines) and give $20,000 to a telemarketer for 5 minutes of video, yet this same group has done nothing to fulfill their requirements and obligations to this town and PennDot regarding the Third Street Bridge.  It's been 16 years and counting.

Friends of Glen Providence Park dividing park with politics
Everyone is entitled to use Glen Providence Park
regardless of how Third St. Bridge should be handled.
Let's get one thing straight!  All residents in this community and county are "Friends of the Glen Providence Park," who by the way consist of many people who are in favor of the current design settled by the County, BLCC and Media Borough.  For a county park, I'd like to know who made a select group (FROGs) the voice of Media and the county?  And why are they speaking on behalf of a county park that is currently overseen by Delaware County who just settled a court order with Media Borough? Exploiting a park name (Glen Providence Park) in their literature and through political agendas has divided people who just want to enjoy the park and not have to decide or be persecuted based on their political position on how to use it.  This selfish act by the FROGs to advance their Third St Bridge plans could have easily been protested under another title (Friends of whatever) leaving politics out of a park.  They chose not to, and now it's become a big problem.

I've received complaints from residents who've told me they don't want to be caught up in Glen Providence park politics, they just want to use the park. One person even said they felt intimidated to go to the park, because of this very issue.

KEEP POLITICS OUT OF THE PARK.  If you have a cause or issue, by all means express, debate and protest it, but consider those who don't share your beliefs when using a public resource as your political platform.


  1. Well said, Tedman. Thanks for looking out for the rest of us here in Media!

  2. Right on Tedman. The best writer and blogger in Media. Keeps us all informed. No matter your politics. Tedman's is the blog of record in Media. The gold standard.

  3. Lets look where the real problems lie. How long until the corrupted RTM board tries to create a charter school? My guess is pretty soon after the remodel. Oh snap I went there...

  4. Pretty soon RTMSD is going to be Upper Darby, if Wigo continues to be allowed to bring in teachers and other administrative staff from UD....not sure why the board is allowing it, but not happy with what is going on in RT. as for Media, the parents were told the construction would start as soon as the kids were out of school. Well, that has not fact, the job is just out to bid now. We were also told that there was a chance the kids could be back in Media by December....we will be luck if we are back in by the next school year at this rate!

  5. Funny, I didn't see the announcement of Davidson's conflict of interest among his election materials last year. I did however, see 'transparency' among his major points. What an embarrassment.

    While we're at it, I bet the 'award winning template' site for the Borough has a few conflicts as well. Why it was updated in the first place never made sense to me as the old format worked well.

  6. Tedman - your Sunday morning blog is the best part of my day. Keep up the good work!!