Monday, September 3, 2012

Media has much bigger priorities than $20,000 5 minute informecials

Media needs to deal with the real priorities facing this town.  Perhaps the $20,000 in taxpayer money that Mayor Bob McMahon and borough council are using for a 5 minute infomercial that was sold to them by a telemarketer, might be better used for Olive Street parking garage.  Media can not afford to lose parking spaces due to misplaced priorities.

I wrote a letter to the Mayor back in July on behalf of residents asking why this $20,000 infomercial did not go out to local bid and why did Media need to get involved with a company that been investigated and fined by the Florida Attorney General, he never replied.

The video below shows how badly the Olive Street parking garage has been neglected.  

Neglected Priorities by Media Borough Government


  1. This video proves that water will come through expansion joints when it pours.

  2. No problem...there's plenty of parking for all the freeloaders who don't pay borough taxes on 5th street, and as a bonus, they can dump all their car trash on the street and lawns.