Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Media Youth Center “Thunderbird” Fundraiser - over $1 million raised to date!

The famous Media Youth Center Fundraiser has been going on for decades and continues to be as successful as ever.  In fact, throughout it’s history and the strong dedication of the Gross family who host the event, this effort has raised over one million dollars to date!  It wasn’t too long ago the winner of the night’s raffle got the keys to a brand new Ford Thunderbird, provided by the bygone Walsh Ford on Baltimore Pike.
Media Youth Center Dinner at Towne House

I was lucky enough to attend last night to see the great generosity and pride many people share for the Media Youth Center.  Those who had the chance to play basketball or box there hold fond memories and lasting friendships that exemplify what it means to be part of the area.  It did for me, and I could tell from last night’s attendance, it did for others too. 

Media’s Youth Center isn't just about sports, but exemplifies conduct, character and integrity, which has been a foundation of its success. It is still known for  basketball, but through the generosity of Media Real Estate and others, a new computer lab was recently built there that has been gaining impressive recognition.   Teams from the lab have gone on to be quite competitive in their robot building and computer skills making the center even more popular by local youth.   That’s not only a great story, but so is that fact that no kid will be excluded from participating in the center’s programs, who’s family can’t afford the signup fee!  If you'd like to help in that area, please consider a donation.

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  1. Thanks Tedman, the MYC is a resource that is often overlooked in Media. They provide a variety of events and services to the youth of Media that is invaluable to the community. We are very lucky to have the MYC and have it lead by a dedicated board of directors. Also having Brent Hill as executive director is a big help to the Center providing guidance and support to our youth.