Monday, October 22, 2012

Spasso adds nice touch and is open for Sunday brunch too

Spasso decorated for Halloween
What makes State Street such a pleasant experience is the time businesses take to add festive decorations for the seasonal holidays.  Nice job by Spasso's and the noticeable pumpkins on each side of the main entrance.  

I've not seen the menu yet, but Spasso just recently opened for Sunday Brunch!  Let me know how it is.....


  1. Spasso's has been an excellent addition to the Media dining scene filling a large hole created when last tenent left in middle of the night. Good sense by previous council to sell building to ownner who made the best offer FOR the borough tax payers and business district and didn't support the "Historic Preservation" scheme supported by Simpson, STein and Williamson that would have chopped the building in several retail stores. Can you imagine they voted against Spasso's superior offer for lower riskier offer? Of course we believe it, look what they did to the vote on 3rd St. Simpson and Stein continue to be irresponsible council members who make votes not in the best interests of Media residents.

  2. It's amazing how badly run this Boro is. They should have sold that property years ago.

  3. This sounds familiar. Let's guys won, and are STILL complaing. I think you oughtta sue!