Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Morning 10-21-12.....Media in Two Minutes

Though it's not technically on State Street, the biggest event today is the Media Book Sale going on at the community center.  The event will go in to Monday (10/22) and runs from 10am - 5pm.

2012 Media Borough Leaf Pick-up Schedule.
Okay, here it is!  The 2012 leaf pick up schedule.  Two options: you can put leaves in earth/plastic bags (Deals has these at their store) and they will be picked up during regular trash day.  Or, you can rack leaves into a pile on the side of the street and the borough will come by to collect based on the following schedule.

For more information, please visit the Media Public Works website.

Skunks Like Media
There's no question of all the wildlife that surrounds the borough, the skunks seem most ambitious to also call Media "Every Skunks Home Town."  You typically smell them before you see them with the Summer months the worst, but last night at least one was out an about scurrying across Jackson Street between 4th and 5th Street.

Springton Lake  Principal placed on Leave
This was no doubt the big news this week.  I've spoken to people close to the matter, but don't have anything else to share that hasn't already been covered by the papers.  Until government officials release what was in the sealed search warrant, no one knows why the investigation occurred.  Not even RTM School District.

Media's Halloween Parade with Cecily, Oct 27th 2012
She's Back!  Cecily Tynan from ABC News Channel 6 will be hosting this year's 48th annual Halloween Parade.  The event will start at 2pm on Saturday, October 27th.

2nd Annual Plumstead Food Drive
If you have extra canned food or would like to drop off a frozen turkey, please drop them off at the Plumstead Inn.  The drive runs from Oct 12th thru. Nov 16th.

Jefferson/Edgemont Condominiums
Even thought the site has been cleared, I don't expect the construction to start immediately.  From what I'm hearing the financing is still being lined up.  There's a very good chance this may not get started until 2013.

Third Street Bridge
Apparently Upper Providence isn't too happy that Media Borough Council just decided to recommend a one-way road out of a two-way road that Upper Providence oversees on the otherside of the bridge.  I'm finding it hard to find any aspect of this project done correctly by this borough council.  The council's lack leadership, organization and even conduct now has us back in court and after 16 years NOTHING has been done to resolved one of Pennsylvania's most dangerous dams.  

Super Wawa
It might be just me, but if a company like Wawa comes to a town with a potential of jobs, contracts and a steady tax base, I would think at least the elected officials would be courteous enough to have an open dialogue and on going discussion with the company.  Regardless of what's decided, that's just good conduct and a direct reflection of the town.  However, here we are again, much like the Third Street Bridge where Media Borough wasn't  communicating with stakeholders (County, BLCC).  From what I understand this borough council has no dialogue going on with Wawa or Media Real Estate.  

With the public opinion favoring this Wawa development, it's a shame our council isn't at least trying to work with this company to come up with a viable design. 



  1. A few points:

    a) The skunks can be a bit of a bother, but I keep my dog away from them. As long as they're not rabid, I don't mind them.

    b) There are a lot of people with a lot of things to say about the bridge. When given a chance to speak out. Here is what was said.

    I really hope this comment isn't taken down.

    1. I watched the broadcast and saw nothing but FROGS and Indorf get up.

  2. Now that the 3rd Street project is in litigation, no members of Council will be permitted to speak about it. This means that the voices standing behind the agreement looking to uphold clear legal obligations are no longer able to argue the point at any meetings or other public forums. Fortunately Rehoric and Roe were very vocal about the issue before it went to court, but they can no longer do anything outside of executive sessions. Therefore it is imperative that members of the Media and Upper Providence communities take public and official steps to voice their opinions. It is not enough to blog or write editorials. ONLY DEMANDING ANSWERS TO SPECIFIC QUESTIONS AND STATING YOUR THOUGHTS IN PERSON OR BY E-MAIL WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    1. DO NOT ASSUME THIS IS OVER AND SPEAK YOUR MIND. In some part, this decision is the result of a small special interest group convincing the majority of council that our community wants one way or greenway. While this is far from true, much of the group's strength has come from the absence of public challenge in the forums that swayed the majority of Council to support them. The FROGs have been persistent, specific and well organized with their campaign and applied incredible pressure to Council. If you feel differently, take the time and speak up!

    2. DEMAND that Council provide specific and real answers to potential outcomes of the litigation. If Media loses the case, what will be our liability? Will any kind of insurance assist us? Will we then be responsible for all construction and maintenance? How will Media pay if the funding disappears? To date we've been given vague assurances and obtuse answers to questions about the financing of this project. Demand specific answers and don't stop until you are satisfied with the response.

    3. DEMAND a response to Davidson's multiple conflicts of interest with this project. Even if he is not found to be violating the letter of the law, he is most certainly violating its spirit. Hold him accountable publicly and don't allow a weak legal smokescreen to deflect these serious issues. It is essential that he be called to give clear and convincing arguments to satisfactorily answer questions about his participation. Roe and Rehoric have repeatedly raised this issue but have been summarily ignored, but Council cannot dismiss the requests of concerned residents.

    Yes, it is inconvenient and often frustrating to attend meetings, follow-up on inquiries and speak out publicly, but it is also essential if your thoughts are to be taken seriously and potentially impact future decision making by our elected officials. It is OUR responsibility to change what we don't believe is right, otherwise all we'll be doing is commiserating or arguing after the fact.

  3. I would like Jim Wigo to explain to the taxpayers of RTM why he hired the principal at SL. He had a closed file from Phoenixville, which to me is a big red flag. And you can't tell me Wigo did not know this, because Dr. Cz applied in another delco district and they did not hire him because of what happened in Phoenixville. They did their research, so why did Rose Tree hire he friends with Wigo? My guess is this investigation followed him from Phoenixville, and now it is going to cost us. We need to get rid of ur school board and Wigo!

  4. And now not only is the SL mess going to cost taxpayers, so is the third st bridge! We need new council and a new school board! Sure would be nice to have a council and school board who looked out for the entire community, and not just a select few who benefit from corrupt politicians

  5. Postal inspection service is involved.Why?Mail fraud?usually financial in nature.too early to assume But I know it was the USPS that closed the deal on Al Capone....not a group to be messed with.In light of all the USPS is faces with for them to be involved is serious.

  6. @Anon 9:52 I agree 100%!!! That was the first thing that occurred to me: that there must have been some old boys' club dealings in his hiring. I think that Wigo/RTM School Board should be held responsible for this...I didn't even know that about Phoenixville (where'd you learn that?), but as a taxpayer and parent in RTM I'd like to trust that our school board/administration is doing a STELLAR job of vetting potential new hires!

  7. Wigo is a republican patronage appointee just to fill out his pension. Usually when the the postal service gets involved it concerns kiddie porn.

  8. Media Mama....i work with the district he applied at in addition to Rose Tree. This district did their job and realized that something had to have been going on in Phonexville. A district does not make moves like that did in February, moving Dr. Cz from the principal job to admin building right before PSSA testing. Big red flag,mwhich leads me to believe he has some kind of connection with Wigo. Phoenixville was smart enough to get rid of him, but somehow he is the best choice for Springton??? I would like an explanation from Wigo and the school board...plan on beng at the school board meeting Thursday night!